Thursday, 11 February 2016

Response to Tim Farron (Lib Dem leader) comments on Brexit risks

EU referendum: Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warns of pressures on NHS after Brexit

So just to clarify, Tim Farron is saying that if the United Kingdom, the EU will force 1.26 million elderly British Expats to return to the UK putting a massive strain on the NHS?
A couple of flaws with that line of thinking:
- If Farron thinks that those expats will be forced to leave the EU, where does he see the nearly 4 million EU migrants living in the UK? Does he seem them being deported, or is he willing to accept the fact that an agreement will be made where by British Expats living currently in the EU will be allowed to remain, as will those EU migrants living in the UK?
- Farron seems to be overly concerned by the 1.26 million figure of expats returning to the UK and the strain it puts on the NHS. This figure accounts for 4 years net migration, and that doesn't take into account the number of "Health Tourists" that use the NHS every year within the EU?
So to clarify... British expats coming home... A problem... 330,000 NET migrants coming to the UK per year... Not a problem?

Has Farron forgotten how dodgy the Spanish economy is at the moment, and how much money British expats bring to the Spanish economy when they retire? We are talking life savings, private health insurance, pensions and house money... Is he really sure that Spain would want this source of income gone?

People retired to Spain and Portugal before we signed the Lisbon Treaty, and I am sure they will continue to do so, post Brexit, if it happens.

Free movement "very good for the British economy", older British people living in the UK "how will our NHS cope when they have to return?" - No contradiction in terms of numbers of course!

He also went on to say "is it in our interests to remain a part of the worlds biggest market"...
A couple of things worth pointing out...
Whilst the EU is currently the worlds largest trading market, with its GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) a Total of $18.124 trillion per anum, and its population around 509 million people. If you remove the UK GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) $2.569 trillion from the EU market, the EU would drop to 3rd place in the list of Global trading markets behind  China $18,088,054 GDP and the United States $17,348,075 GDP and if you figure in the Commonwealth one of the fastest emerging global markets, of which we would be able to reconnect upon Brexit, their GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) would stand around upwards of $17.000 trillion, and with a population 1.7 billion more than that of the EU, and area 26,000,000 km2 more than the EU, the potential for expansion and development is much greater, especially when you consider nations who were never a part of the British Empire in the past are applying to join this newly emerging successful market.

Farron raises the "100 top (out of 250) multi-national businesses based in the UK", the last time I checked, the location of the UK was what made it easy for the multi-national corporations to be based here. Now unless Farron thinks Brexit will result in the anchor being pulled up, and the UK being forcibly pulled out into the north sea and set adrift, I don't see how Brexit will effect the geographical location of the UK, and the wish for companies to remain.

Alas the bad news for Mr Farron is that our reliance on Goods and Services trade with the EU has dropped, whilst our trade with the rest of the World has increased. Meaning that right now, the EU relies on the UK than we do with them. A further truth is that the EU is obliged to negotiate a free trade deal with the UK upon Brexit under the terms of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
So trade would continue and we would be able to go out and find new trade deals without interference from the EU.

Companies would remain post Brexit, because to cease continuation of trade with the UK, would be for the EU to shoot itself in the foot.

Farron bizarrely goes on to claim that Brexit would result in the UK "losing" sovereignty, this is a fib at best.
Being an EU member results in countries losing sovereignty, in fact every day that passes more and more legislation is passed from the National member-state Parliaments to control of the European Union. With each vote passed in the European Parliament more and more is taken, and nothing is returned.

There is no EU to member-states devolution, nor will there ever be.

Farron says "the UK will have no say if we leave the EU". My question to Mr Farron is, what say do we have right now?

All legislation is put through by an unelected EU commission, and rubber-stamped as a show by the European Parliament. The European Parliament only has power to gloss the edges, not make fundamental changes.

As we have found from David Cameron's negotiations, the United Kingdom has no ability to make fundamental changes, nor are the EU interested in making any changes.

The Euro-fanatics claimed that the Brexiteers would scaremonger to gain Brexit, this has not appeared. But one thing we can all now recognise, is that project fear is the foundation of the IN campaigns strategy!

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