Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Response to the Blackburn Rovers Trust and Wayne Wild's comments dated 02/02/2016

I usually use this blog to comment on politics, so you will have to excuse the slight deviation for something I hold very close to my heart.

Today in conjunction with the Blackburn Rovers FC Trust, businessman Wayne Wild released a statement with regards to the current situation at the club, and the recent sale of Jordan Rhodes to Middlesbrough Football Club.

I would just like to say the following;

Well done Wayne Wild and the Rovers Trust. You are doing a brilliant job of undermining our squad at the peak of our relegation fight. During a period where the club moral might have dropped a bit due to the sale of Jordan Rhodes, and at a time when the fans need to be getting behind the players and the squad combined.
It's understandable when individuals in the stands and on social networking sites make comments about players, the squad, management and running of the club.
But to have a widely recognised businessman and Community Trust coming out with a statements effectively demoralizing and attacking the Rovers players/team, it is disgraceful & counterproductive.

Comments like "The current squad is mediocre at best." from someone who carries favour from businessmen and women, the media and fans alike could be the final nail in the coffin for this season.

We are currently in a relegation fight. What is Wild trying to do? Guarantee relegation so the club can come down into the price-range he can purchase it for?!

I am disgusted and I dare say the management of the football club will be as well. Lambert has been trying to install a more confident mood at the club. Do away with self-defeating negative reactions and making excuses for defeats or poor performances.

Do the club a favour and shut up for 5 months.
Let the manager and the players get on with it, and get to the job of keeping us in the Football League Championship so we can begin the rebuilding process we have all been waiting for.

Gary Bowyer did a fantastic job cutting the wage-bill and preparing us for this rebuild. You risk undoing all that hard work by making these public outbursts.

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