Tuesday, 15 December 2015

24 Hours in the Life of an Aggressive Bully Labour Activist on Twitter

Over the last year or two I have encountered a particularly nasty piece of work. Who happens to be a senior activist at the Labour Party in Thurrock.

He has routinely resorted to abusing people with racism, sexually provocative messages, disability discrimination and suggestions that would clearly imply violent intentions.

I have reported this individual to Polly Billington (former PPC for Thurrock), his local branch, his regional branch, the Labour Party HQ and the Labour Party legal department.

When assured this individual would be investigated, and action be taken against him for his behaviour, I made the mistake (foolishly) of taking the Labour Party (yes I know!) at their word.

However they resorted to doing nothing, and actually informing him of my complaint made against him, as was confirmed by Scott Nelson himself.

The torrent of abuse and inappropriate communications and mentions of me have continued.

I am disabled, both legs, left knee, back, I experience extreme tiredness, pain, balance issues and depression as a consequence. Scott knows about this and uses it against me.

I shall now give some examples:

Disability discrimination:

Scott routinely reminds people that he suffers from disabilities, whilst routinely referring to me as a "neanderthal". The definition of which is; "Primitive or backward"...

As can be seen from multiple messages posted by him, he has incorporated this in a variety of ways with pictures to make quite unpleasant attacks upon me:

Scott ironically signals his "support" for "Disability Labour" whilst discriminating against people based on their disabilities, or making offensive disability discrimination comments or slurs.

This conversation over a period of time where he repeatedly refers to me as a "neanderthal", otherwise defined as "backward" or "genetically inferior".

Disagrees with me so suggests locking me up in an animal enclosure?

I block people who are abusive. I blocked Scott nearly 2 years ago and yet he continues to abuse me.

I don't need to explain how inappropriate this is. I think people can work out for themselves how offensive this is.

It's also worth mentioning that he has also made disability discrimination comments to others:

"Spacko" being a slang term for "spastic", an offensive term for a person with cerebral palsy.

Sexually provocative messages (making reference to my Asexuality):

This is the kind of discussions he has about me.
To say this is inappropriate is an understatement.

(Just FYI: I have never made any such suggestion.)

This is a tweet that Scott recently liked.


Racism against a UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and MEP:

Also documented here and here.

Trying to conflate me with a recently deceased terrorist:

Multiple other serious and false allegations:

Making false claims of connections other organisations/political parties and claiming that a UKIP success in some areas will cause "race riots", ignoring the fact that previous race riots in that area happened under the Labour Party:

Making a false claim that I operate an other Twitter account, which I absolutely do NOT:

Making a host of false allegations against UKIP citing the comments of former members/candidates as "Party policy":

Falsely alleging I had claimed a tragedy had been faked:

When in reality I was trying to persuade someone else who believed that it was, that it wasn't:

Falsely claiming I had defended the actions of a paedophile, a claim that is a complete lie!

24 Hours (15th of December 2015) of Activist Madness on Twitter:

Don't think I have to explain why this tweet is ironic.

Very clearly a threat, coupled with an indicator of incitement to commit murder.
I question the mental health and potential implication on others from someone who makes such declarations.

Further reflection of discrimination based on Asexuality. FYI: I attempted to report someone for threatening to stab a politician, my report however wasn't taken as a complaint had already been made. FYI: Asexual people don't have sexual fulfillment, that is kind of the point.

I'm a center-left UKIP supporter just FYI. Former Lib Dem. Have done all the political placement tests to place my political leanings. Very firmly center-left. Also "verminous hatred"... Really?! lol

So that presumes Gay people can't be homophobic against others and disabled people cannot be anti-disabled against others? 

 ...another threat.

I am very much the subject of abuse from you Scott. Also, you can be gay and homophobic.

I am disabled and don't use a wheelchair? I have never claimed those outside wheelchairs with impairments aren't disabled.

Spoken by the master!

Again. Never said otherwise. Scott has previously admitted to having depression, I have and continued to suffer from depression. That is no excuse for his behaviour.
No. You are a very bad person. Pleasant and caring people do not resort to the onslaught of abuse you do.

I have documented what he has said above. Scott, you are not appropriate to fight for social justice. You are a disgrace!

Yes you are... As is documented above and below!

You cannot claim to be a "fighter for social justice" and go around calling people "spacko", subjecting them to vile abuse and discrimination.
Such as...

Clearly more disability discrimination...

Making light of a character in a wheelchair...

 We try to keep extremists out Scott. You aren't welcome.

What was it he said? "Fighter for Social Justice"...

Already documented above... Nice comparing a person to a monkey though... That "Social Justice Warrior"...

Like yes... Like I have shown evidence of it... Like like... Like Asexuality is a thing... Like... You have shown intolerance of it and me being Asexual... Like like... I am sure people laughed off people being gay as you have done there... Laughing off Asexuality... "Social justice"?

More "Social Justice" from Scott...

 Said the person who doesn't understand the meaning of "Asexuality"...

I'm just going to leave this here for people to read to decide if it is acceptable or not...

I am sure I have UKIP supporters who disagree with what I say, as you will undoubtedly have people disagreeing with what you say Scott.

But one thing I am certain of, you have more people utterly ashamed at you, within the Labour Party for what you have said.

It is just a shame that the Labour Party condone your brand of absolutely hatred.

Remember folks. Jeremy Corbyn, or Jezza as he likes to be known wants a "kinder politics" where delegates "treat people with respect" and "cut out the personal abuse, cut out the cyber-bullying and especially the misogynistic abuse online and let's get on with bringing real values back into politics".

The Labour Party have clearly ignored this message and continue to allow the sort of foul vitriolic, repugnant and offensive abuse that Scott Nelson so revels in.

As I have previously said, I have reported multiple events to the Labour Party, but they are quite comfortable with this persons extremism.

We have just got through an awful period of politics where bullying has cost the life of a young political campaigner at the Conservative Party.

Bullying is obviously rampant on Social Networking sites especially, and it is obviously overlooked when reported by the Establishment Parties and very unfortunately praised by allies of those people who commit the bullying.

To solve a problem we first have to admit we have a problem.


Incredible. He is now using the same language used with regards to Islamic extremism and ISIS for UKIP.

This person is embarrassing for the Labour Party!

In fact since the original publication of this article further disturbing information has been presented to me by a Labour Party supporter who has been disturbed by Scott Nelson's tweeting activity for a number of years now.

It would seem that even her calls for Labour to take action have gone ignored:

Judging from Scott's response to the publication of this blog, he hasn't learned anything:


  1. Any point in us commenting? Probably not. Thomas, this post is so full of falsehoods we don't even know where to start. And yes, you *did* get a woman sacked for making a joke about a fish. It's documented. How charitable of you.

    Other than that, this post is just too much #MHFW to be considered worthy of our dissection.

    Thomas, get a life, get a job, anything. Support UKIP if you feel like it - but don't criticise others for the tactics you yourself have chosen to use for years.

    1. Falsehoods?
      It is all present and correct.
      Are you accusing me of altering anything?

      As for the school teacher who threatened to stab Nigel Farage.
      I rung them up the next morning.

      This was the path of the discussion:

      Me: Hello, I have rung to report some content shared on Twitter regards one of your teachers...
      Receptionist: Is this about the teacher who commented on Nigel Farage
      Me: Yes.
      Receptionist: Yes we have already received a complaint
      Me: So do you need me to add anything
      Receptionist: Not really, unless you want to
      Me: No that is okay, I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

      As for the rest. I have the option of deleting your message. But I am not going to.

      As you know I already have a job, I have a life, I support UKIP and I oppose bullying.

      So don't expect me to go anywhere soon.

      As for claiming I have used the same tactics. I invite you to post evidence.

      Difficult considering I haven't used the same tactics and had I done, you can be damn sure you would have published it by now.

      The fact that you have come on here and tried to excuse these vile tweets is evidence enough that your anti-UKIP movement is every bit as aggressive and nasty that you claim UKIP to me.

  2. Well anyone who has seen Scott's posts knows that his claims to support social justice are just claims and have no basis in reality. As we know, Momentum is just the hate mob formerly called Militant reborn. If Scott had an IQ at all, he'd be dangerous. If you notice, he only attacks those who support equality and social justice within UKIP. Maybe just because those people are the biggest threat to his paedophile and terrorist loving Labour party.

  3. If Labour have failed to act. Then they should be ashamed.

    1. Like I said in the article.
      I reported him from head to bottom at the Labour Party.

      Would seem that Labour welcome his kind of unpleasantness.

  4. The use of Little Britain's Andy Pipkin can translate into nothing else but a blatant attempt to mock disability (given that's what the character itself was invented for. Can you imagine the scorn poured on anyone from UKIP if they used this to mock disabled people in a way like this? It would never be acceptable.

    1. Yet he claims to be a Champion of Social Justice.
      Like the Labour Party itself, the only thing they are known for is sneering at the General Public and working class.

  5. Seeing this blatant bullying of Thomas is disgusting. I can't believe I actually used to be a Labour supporter once. Labour should expel this person for bringing their party at a local level into disrepute.

  6. By the way, don't bother sending this to the Labour Party, send it to the police. There's more than enough evidence on him to secure a conviction on the grounds of malicious communications.

  7. The labour party have now removed him and said the comments -including ones about Jews-were totally unacceptable

  8. Scott nelson is a bully and a homophobe, he blocks people when their opinions are not the same as his, he too claimed he suffered from depression but nothing about heart condition. He and I use to chat on gay sites and Facebook then he blocked me because my opinions never matched his, he'd get abusive in whatever way he could, he has a foot fetish by the way. But never put me off chatting with him. To be honest this guy is unstable, dangerous am sure most of his exes would agree. People like him need to be exposed and people supporting him need analysing to!

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
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