Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Daniel Pitt - SlatUKIP false claims against me...

This afternoon I was made aware of a false accusation made against me by Daniel Pitt (Aka: "SlatUKIP" (Twitter) - "We're Still Laughing At UKIP" (Facebook).

In these accusations, he had claimed I was a "Former EDL member".

I want my response to be short, with evidence as this "individual" doesn't deserve anymore attention than is required to make him look incredibly silly.

1- The EDL don't have membership so that lie can be easily disproved

2- I have opposed the EDL for multiple years. As is evident if you type in my username with the words "oppose EDL" on Twitter.

A couple of examples (note dates of tweets):

 ...and some more tweets going back earlier...

3- As for Daniel Pitt running SlatUKIP. His own mother verbally abused me on Facebook after I had a picture he had photoshopped removed by Facebook (falsely implicating someone of racism) resulting in him being warned as to his future conduct on Facebook.

4- How come the only 2 accounts online to falsely accuse me of being a "former EDL member" are Daniel Pitt in his article, and SlatUKIP on Twitter. Both making the same aforementioned mistake that the EDL do not have a membership and making the false accusation.


...and here...

It will be very interesting to see if Mr Pitts website allows my comment:

Update 01/10/2015 - My comment on the article was unsurprisingly declined:

It's also interesting to note that the wording of the article has been changed in the clearest example of backtracking you will ever see:

From this:

To this:

Update 04/10/2015 - we have another wording alteration!


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