Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bonkers Left Plan Attack on UKIP National Conference in Doncaster

This afternoon I was made aware of a Facebook group that had been created intending on creating a protest outside UKIP's National Conference in Doncaster during this month (September).

As I normally do, I decided to comment on the group page and do a little bit of research into the people who were trying to get the protest organised.

The Group named "Doncaster Stand up to UKIP - A Day at the Racists" on Facebook had been created by individuals named "Trevor Jones and "Jennifer Jones".

The first thing I did was take note of a message from someone refuting the accusation that UKIP were a racist party.

You will not that his name is grey, meaning he has been removed from the page and banned from commenting:

The reply seemed sensible. However the author of the page seemed unwilling to debate the point made.

Remember, the point raised by Jonathan wasn't racist, offensive or otherwise objectionable. In a nation where freedom of speech and debate is promoted this view was cast aside and not allowed to be debated.

I then gave my opinion on the group posting the following message:

This seemed pretty sensible considering the attitude that was being directed at UKIP in the sense of. "UKIP have had some racist members outed, so that must make them racist as a party".

As expected an immediate attempt was made to remove me from the page without reply:


You will note, Jennifer Jones has tagged the message with her Husbands name. This is usually done to make someone aware, who might be busy at the time, of a message that has been posted. To get the message removed and take action.

This however was followed by a message from someone who actually took the time to reply. All be it daftly:

You will note, that from all ranting aside, the user Gina Elbow who had indicated she would be attending the protest has alluded to UKIP as not being the focus of the protest. Rather the focus being "combating the anti-immigrant sentiment that still exists amongst the Doncaster public".

This input being rather telling.
It isn't racist to have concerns about mass migration, the impacts it might have on public services etc. However this user has effectively said "if you have concerns about the impacts of mass migration, you will be labelled as "racist", as the group alludes to, and you will be confronted.

This as far as I am concerned raises more questions than answers.
Following the Rotherham child abuse scandal, in which it was found that the Labour Party Council in the area and the Police had been complicit in overlooking reports of child abuse. A sub-story was expressed by a few, and then later the same line expressed by those Councillors and Police.

Namely that they were concerned that if they acted upon reports of abuse, they would be labelled "racist".

This as far as I am concerned, is one of the major problems impacting our country at the moment. When the Lisbon Treaty was signed under the Labour Party. The United Kingdom started to see the impacts of mass migration. Some people wanted to speak out and express their concerns about the situation.

These people to a large degree were labelled as "racist" or "bigoted" by the establishment. They literally at the time had nowhere to turn to, as not until UKIP arrived to offer a moderate outlet and solution. The rise in Far Right organisations resulted in an even more aggressive stigma being applied to people with concerns over mass migration. The BNP and the EDL for example. That offered very extreme suggestions, and nothing in the way of sensible answers.

One example of the establishment labeling a concerned person was Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy:

Yet it continues. People with genuine concerns continue to be labeled for very genuine concerns.

This resulted in children being abused in Rotherham, it results in genuine UKIP supporters being labelled falsely on a daily basis.

I then decided to research the two individuals who had created this group/event. Imagine my surprise to find they are both Labour Party members and Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

So my question is this...

Is this protest being created out of genuine concern due to an attitude over immigration. Or is it being created to mislead people and scare people into staying silent about their concerns over mass migration.


...and Wife...

Well the answer is quite simple.
When an organisation, or party members start lying in an attempt to bring violence and negative publicity. That is when you can recognise they hold dishonest intentions surrounding the event.

See this picture for instance and then read my reply:

The reality of it...

Oh and in case you were wondering. As soon as Trevor Jones came online, I was blocked from both the group and from talking to him.

Freedom of speech only goes "so far" with Labour Party members...

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