Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Labour Party Useless In All That Matters

I am going to have to keep this post brief as have a lot to do.

On Wednesday last week. The TTIP Trans-Atlantic trade deal (currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA) which presents a direct threat to our National Health Service (NHS) was meant to be debated in the European Parliament.
The Parliament decided to hold a vote on whether to suspend the debate to later date, potentially on the day of the vote affording no time for member states public to debate the terms of the deal and get feedback from their elected MEP's as to whether it poses a good deal or not for the country.
All the Conservative MEP's present voted in favour of suspending the debate. Granted only 10 of 20 of them bothered to turn up.

10 out of the 20 Labour MEP's that bothered to turn up voted to hold the debate.

The single Liberal Democrat MEP voted to suspend the debate.
The SNP's reps failed to turn up as well, whilst 2 of the 3 Green MEP's voted to hold the debate, and Plaid Cymru's MEP who voted against suspending the vote.

19 of UKIP's 22 MEP's attended and objected to suspending the debate on TTIP.
We lost the vote by 4 votes.

Today we had an important vote on Purdah in Westminster. A rule that would make any EU Referendum more fair and balanced.
The Labour Party MP's abstained in their droves meaning only 97 MP's voted in favour of maintaining that fair balance with Purdah. Meanwhile 288 vote for it to be an unfair matchup.

Cameron hit by Commons revolt as 27 Tories defy whip over EU bill - Purdah vote

Harriet Harman was seen in a coffee shop during the vote.

People say that Labour put in the effort. But when they are really needed. They are absent.
Meanwhile when UKIP are really needed. They are there.

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