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Response to "Row over anti-Ukip rally Wigan" article and comments within by Leftists

Row over anti-Ukip rally

The nasty group is the trade unionists (representing Labour) and the UAF/HopeNoteHate lot (representing the Greens).

These 2 left wing/far left groups cannot be presented in anyway to be anti-democracy or violent. So they lend their support to these Unions and supposed anti-fascist groups.

I am a disabled 31 year old UKIP member who is a former Lib Dem voter. I have never voted Labour or Tory in my life and never will.
I have friends in UKIP who are Muslim, Sikh, Gay/Lesbian, disabled, unionists, former Lib Dems, Labour, Tories and even some who were former non-voters until UKIP came about.

These Far Left anti-UKIP groups talk about UKIP like they are nasty. Unpleasant and anti-(insert smear).

Well I have come across this lot. I am (as I have said) disabled. I use crutches on both arms to balance and walk. I have been spat at, shoved and sworn/screamed at by anti-UKIP protestors.

I have seen black and Asian UKIP supporters and members subjected to horrendous abuse by people claiming to be "anti-fascists".

UKIP might have begun its life as a group created by former Tories. But it has evolved into something very different.
In fact if you look at the pool of MEP's UKIP have, they are made up of former Tories, a couple of former Labour supporters, and others who were non-attached when joining UKIP.

As for privatising public services. This is a Labour Party myth.
UKIP have in the past discussed bringing private insurance and private associations into the NHS, but after seeing the absolute mess that was made via LibDem/Tories privatisation of units and the dreadful PFI deals that Labour introduced for which we have a repayment of £250 billion. UKIP concluded the following:

- The NHS should remain free at the point of treatment
- The NHS should remain completely in public hands
- The NHS needs to streamlined in terms of removing costly middle-management. Which has worked at the detriment of hiring Doctors and nurses
- The PFI contracts handed out by Labour also need to be paid of to reinstate the NHS as a truly public service.

Question to all you Labour supporters out there.
There is no denying Labour used costly PFI deals last time in power. Have they promised they won't use them again should they get in power?

As for privatising welfare. This is utter nonsense and has never been mooted by UKIP.

One thing that really winds me up is when people conflate the EU with Europe and vice versa.
The EU is a political union of 27 member states.
Europe is a continental and island grouping of 50+ nations.

UKIP don't want the UK to be in the EU. We never agreed to be part of political union and we don't like how we are restricted in industry, fisheries and trade. The EU have no right to dictate terms in this manner. Yet the political establishment pander to their wishes like the good little lapdogs.

As for human rights policies. They have been manipulated in such a way that British people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds have been adversely effected by mass unskilled migration.
It has constricted wages, the minimum wage in many areas and many jobs has become the maximum wage.
Hell some jobs are even being advertised abroad and to people who speak specifically in Polish for health and safety reasons. Because it is cheaper.

How is this fair on the nearly 2 million out of work, and those in work being squeezed in terms of wages?

We are acquiring a migrant populas the size of a major city (net) per year. How is that fair? Where do all these people live? Where do they get treated if they fall ill with an already stretched health-service? Where do their kids study with already overcrowded schools?

Do we start building on the Green Belt? Do we start building more power stations or start buying ever more increasing expensive fuel from the continent?

These are fair questions? They are not racist. Yet these above "anti-Fascists" and "unionists" will label you racist for asking the question?

These kinds of dangerous labelling tactics for simple and fair questions has lead to a level of fear which has resulted in people not raising important issues through fear of being labelled racist.

Look at Rotherham? Look at Gordon Brown calling that lady a "bigot" for voicing her concerns about immigration.
Look at Cameron's outbursts "loons and closet-racists".
Look at the candidates doing the rounds in Portsmouth! The Tory candidate saying all UKIP voters are racist, she encounters them on the doorstep. The Labour candidate who said that UKIP were the reason their is racism in schools.

All because they along with the majority of the population want reform in the immigration system.

Who is scaremongering. I think we all know the answer to that question.

Do you really want to live in a country where you get labelled "racist" and a "bigot" for simply commenting on how overcrowded hospitals are and that immigration might be an element of that overcrowding?

Don't for one section think I am denying that nasty people haven't been uncovered in UKIP. As the media say often, UKIP have had to remove someone for saying something.

But that is the point isn't it.
UKIP do remove these nasty elements.
I am writing an article at the moment looking into dodgy people at other parties. It is centered around those that have been removed at other parties for doing unacceptable things.
The problem I am having is the vast majority of the time. When people do these unspeakable things at the Tories, Labour Party and Lib Dems they are not removed.

3 examples include someone suspended of child abuse who was a Lib Dem Cllr (he was later found not guilty) but the point remains he was left in his position during the investigation, a Conservative Party Councillor who ran up a huge bill phoning sex-lines and looking at "graphic material" on his computer and a Labour Party Councillor in West London who had been accused of molesting a young boy. He wasn't removed?!

These people weren't removed for goodness sakes?! Yet they complain about UKIP!
All of them.

Hell, Green Party members make up a huge element of the anti-fascist attacks on UKIP. Yet they have fewer ethnic candidates standing than UKIP?!

I leave you all with 3 thoughts.

1- I am disabled and have been treated with far more respect than I was when I supported the Lib Dems.
As we all know. UKIP mostly appeal to the older generation. Many of whom have health issues and disabilities. So how do you think they'd get away with disability discrimination if they did it?!

Hell I know a PPC who's standing for UKIP who is blind, and another who is in a electric wheelchair who is a Councillor for UKIP and standing for UKIP as PPC.

2. The definition of a "bigot" is "a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions."

Does this not sum up the "anti-fascist" and trade union movements attitude to UKIP perfectly?

3. How can UKIP be "fascist" as is accused so regularly by the Far Left. When they advocate Direct Democracy, Right to Recall, want regional and local referendums to bring decision-making back to the people, policies are made by the people through the National Executive Committee and finally our leader and all our officials are democratically elected by a) the public and b) UKIP members.

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