Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Some Common Misconceptions About UKIP

Common misconceptions about UKIP:

- We are anti-European.

No we are anti EU. Europe is a continent of 50+ nations. The EU is a Political Union of 28 Nations. They are not the same thing!

- We team up with Far Right Parties in the EU.
We rejected both the French National Front and Golden Dawn in the EU parliament.

Also those "Far Right" Parties in the EFD from 2010-2014 are now with the Conservatives in the European Conservatives EU Group.

- We want to privatise the NHS.

No we don't. In fact it is UKIP policy not to privatise it or any if its essential services. Only the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems have privatised sections of the NHS. Only Labour have left the NHS in the past in dire straights with a reported £60 billion black-hole at the end of their term in Government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

- UKIP would have patients pay hospitals and GP's for treatment.

No we wouldn't. Treatment would stay completely free at the point of contact for treatment.

- UKIP are anti-Immigration.

No. We are actually pro-Global immigration which is more than can be said with regards the EU who prioritise unskilled labour from the EU ahead of skilled labour from the Commonwealth and elsewhere in the World. UKIP want sustainable numbers in the 40,000-50,000 bracket which is the sort of number Labour and the Tories promised they would bring migration down to over the last 15 years!

- UKIP are homophobic.

UKIP believe that religions should have the right to choose whether as according to their beliefs, they should conduct Gay marriages. Nigel Farage himself said that UKIP would be pro-Gay marriage if the risk of the European Court of Human Rights taking legal action against religious groups refusing to conduct gay marriages was removed. A devoutly Christian couple were recently taken to court and lost, and were forced to pay excessive compensation for refusing a gay couple permission to stay in their hotel. Regardless of their religious beliefs. Equality has to apply to everyone. Even if you disagree with why they believe in what they do as long as in confines of law.

- UKIP are just a protest vote.

UKIP have been steadily building up a core membership for years now. They have a higher UK membership than the Green Party and shall soon (it would appear) be challenging the Liberal Democrat membership figure. Previous to the Scottish Independence Referendum we had a higher membership number than the Scottish National Party.
UKIP win Council elections, are on the verge of winning its first MP's and won a National Election recently. We have been polling consistently for 6 months now and have in the last 10 years been steadily improving and growing. If we are a protest party we are a very long protest party!

- UKIP only appeal to Tory voters and members.

UKIP have been consistently taken votes away from Labour (in some areas up to 30%), Lib Dems (in some areas 20%-30%) and 20% of our vote has come from people who had formerly not voted at all.

- A UKIP vote will hand Miliband and Labour the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Let's get a few things straight. a) The Tories do not have a God given right to a vote. b) The Tories are the one who lost their vote. Had they kept numerous promises given over the years they would not be in the mess they currently are in now. c) In Heywood and Middleton, the Tories literally (according to polls) have no chance of winning, indeed UKIP in many areas of the North and North-west are the only competition against Labour. So actually a vote for the Tories in some areas will hand Labour MP's. Only a UKIP vote in some areas will stop Labour MP's joining Ed Miliband in Parliament. d) Whether people like to admit it or not. UKIP have revealed very sensible policies that people will agree with.

- UKIP are anti-Working class. Labour are the only true supporters of the working class.

Labour were the party who defied the people, and went ahead and signed the Lisbon Treaty. Subjecting the UK to more migrants from 2009 onwards than the country had ever seen previous. This deluge of unskilled migrants had the impact of reducing employment opportunity, compressing wages and encouraging businesses to discard British workers in favour of foreign cheap labour. This has also lead to Zero Hour contracts and illegal cash in hand payment for work. This one action has set back workers employment opportunities more than any single act in British history.
UKIP want to trim migration down to sensible levels, create more apprenticeship schemes, discourage people from assuming huge student loan debts by doing good honest work which doesn't require expensive educations that will never be used, reduce the dreadful youth unemployment levels, will remove income tax from the minimum wage making it more financially worthwhile to get into employment and will make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to operate meaning more jobs for everyone!

- UKIP are anti-environmental.

UKIP are the only party, along with the Green Party, who want to protect the Green-Belt from development. The other parties are in favour of it.
UKIP oppose HS2, which would have an impact on the environment.
UKIP oppose further expansion of runways in favour of developing runways at other airports Nationally where the increased load of commuters can be accommodated.

- UKIP are "fascist", "racist" and "

UKIP advocate Direct Democracy, Right to Recall and local and national Referendums to bring decision-making back to the people who live within the country.

We want to reconnect with the Commonwealth (a third of the Worlds black/ethnic population), we don't want people to be discriminated on by their Nation of Birth as the EU, Labour Party, Conservative Party, Green Party and Liberal Democracts currently do by staying within the restrictive, pro-EU member European Union. People should be judged on things like quality and potential. Not the privilege of birth as the EU & Lib/Lab/Con currently support!

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