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Richard Howitt Comments About The Disabled and UKIP Policies

One of the main problems impacting modern day politics is a partial disconnect and lack of belief shown in political parties by the electorate.
People feel lied to, and manipulated by politicians who have made promises on policies and broken them.

This is bad enough. But to have a representatives of a mainstream political party lying about the policies of other parties is disgraceful.

None more so have done this than the Labour Party in my opinion.
Over the last 9 months they have been lying consistently about UKIP policies with regards to the NHS and other matters. Telling people that UKIP want to privatise the NHS and charge patients for health-care, on many occasions vaguely referring to an article written by a representative of the party who meant his comments as ideas, not policies.

It is obvious for anyone that ideas given by representatives aren't policies until they are written down in black in white as policies in a party manifesto.
Why then do UKIP get judged for ideas, when other political parties do not get judged in the same manner or even in some cases for their policies?

Indeed the Labour Party themselves have had peers and members making comments about how they feel patients should be charged for treatment at the hands of the NHS and GP's. Yet these claims made by Lord Robert Winston ("Pay £200 to see the doctor so you value the NHS" *Robert Winston article) and former Labour health minister Lord Warner ("NHS Patients should pay a monthly fee" *Lord Warner article) don't seem to follow Labour around the same way as one singular opinionated article from one UKIP representative.

Maybe the reason this is, is because UKIP members and supporters do not use these statements in terms of political sabotage the same way the Labour Party do to UKIP in mainstream canvassing and articles.

I was left stunned the other day to discover that regardless of several articles opposing NHS privatisation on the UKIP website (* Tim Aker articleJill Seymour article), and regardless of Louise Bours UKIP health spokeswoman saying that UKIP policy was to NOT privatize the NHS (Louise Bours conference speech) and not charge patients for treatment, the Labour Party had decided to not only publish canvass leaflets saying exactly the opposite but attempt to sell them through their online shop!

Let's remember at a time when members of the electorate are perceived as having trouble trusting politicians and political parties. The Labour Party are encouraging people to lie about other parties policies to come out ahead in elections.

I spend a lot of my free time trying to correct people on misunderstandings and misinformation that has been published. Explaining UKIP policies and intentions as clearly as I can.
I must say I have spent a lot of time reassuring people who have read UKIP lies about the NHS.

This morning (07/10/2014) I was made aware that a Labour Party MEP by the name of 'Richard Howitt' had made a claim on Twitter that was both disgusting and dishonest.

He had claimed that "UKIP wanted to abort disabled children, put people with learning difficulties in camps & that they banned disabled candidates".
I read it as some kind of poor attempt as a joke, maybe a way to sarcastically highlight some poor comments made by a UKIP member. But no, this Labour Party MP had actually made out that these were actual UKIP policies.

Disgusted I rang up the Labour Party to complain about these hurtful and disgusting lies that had been published and retweeted by numerous people across the Internet, who were actually thinking they were real UKIP policies.

I spoke to a young lady at the Labour Party, who informed me that the Labour Party were "not responsible for comments made by its members". In astonishment I replied "that isn't the attitude your party casts on UKIP when one of its members makes a unacceptable comment, so why does the Labour Party not apply the same logic to themselves?" I asked.

I did not get an answer, and was only told that my complaint had been logged.

Multiple hours later the tweet in question is still on the MEP's twitter page and it doesn't appear that the Labour Party have any intention of removing it or asking the MEP to remove it.

In fact he is in the process of trying to reinforce his statement referencing a singular individual who made the offensive comments acting like a singular individual makes UKIP policies.

I, and others could quite easily go through all the atrocious comments and actions made by Labour Party MP's, Councillors, activists and members over the years and falsely cite them as Labour Party policies. However that would be a lie. Something I think British politics has had enough of in the last 10+ years.

At this stage I feel I should explain a little more about myself.
I am a disabled UKIP member. I have been offered the opportunity to stand for UKIP on occasion in the past, only not being able to do so because of poor health. But I help UKIP in any way that I can, and I am immensely proud to support such a brilliant and developing Party as UKIP having been let down previously by the party I used to support in the Liberal Democrats.

I would not support a political party who had poor attitudes or intentions to the disabled members of the electorate. Which considering the Labour Parties history with ATOS (*Labour and ATOS) and other policies I disagree with, is a very clear reason I would never consider Labour.

I have been treated with nothing but respect and support by my fellow UKIP supporters, members and representatives even going as far to be offered transport to try and help in council elections.

I speak with senior UKIP officials not because I am some "high up the food chain" representative at UKIP. But because the representatives at UKIP genuinely care about the electorate, and want to hear what people have to say.

This Labour Party MEP in question wants to put out the line that UKIP are anti-disabled people. Well I am living proof that they work hard at supporting their disabled supporters and accept them in any role they offer.

Indeed you do not have to look any further than the wonderful Star Etheridge "UKIP Disability Spokesman and Councillor for Coseley East, who is a "disabled wheelchair user" as evidence that UKIP accepts people on merit not via stereotypes as some areas of the media and other political parties would have people believe.

I call on this Labour Party MEP to remove his tweet and post a full written apology to not only UKIP, but all of the many disabled UKIP members, supporters and voters who have been effected and offended by his comments and what is in reality a grossly inaccurate post.

I would further call on the Labour Party, as a member of the electorate to stop lying about UKIP and other party policies in an attempt to deceive the electorate. The only effect of doing so will be to push people further away and more disenchanted with politics.
Star Etheridge herself has issued a response on behalf of UKIP. I completely agree with every word of it!
I am one voice of the electorate, but in my opinion my voice shouldn't be any less valid than someone who thinks he can talk about a political party and disabled people when he obviously doesn't have the slightest clue of the parties policies or the people who support it.

Thomas Evans (UKIP member & activist)

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