Thursday, 23 October 2014

Reply to left unity Brighton and Hove

I am a UKIP member as you can probably tell about the tag so I do hope my comment is allowed to be added to this forum.
I have a few very simple things to say really.
First, the Left do not have the God given right to be the only group allowed to object to something they do not believe in.
You can try to shove screenshots of Paul Nuttall's website entry down our throats every time we bring up the NHS every time you like. But the point remains what Paul meant with his post.
He intended to put across the point that a threat of reform can lead to public services/interests being streamlined to make them more efficient.
A perfect example of this is Royal Mail. Had we not had a spineless Tory Government in charge that saw the opportunity of money, Royal Mail would still be in public hands making this country money it so badly needs. Same can be said for the Channel Tunnel, which whilst isn't fully owned (at the time) by the public, certainly started to return on its expensive build cost under the Labour Government, now cue the Tories against and it gets sold for £300 million.
But the point remains that the threat of reform leads to streamlining in an attempt to make it more viable, and this is what Paul Nuttall was trying to put across.
UKIP oppose the possibility of the NHS being sold off to TTIP and American ownership. Fully and without hesitation. They oppose privatisation full-stop and confirmed this at the National Conference in Doncaster ( and have confirmed policy to keep the NHS fully free to patients at both hospitals and GP surgeries. They have openly and firmly objected to the despicable privatisation of Cancer Care ( and will continue to do so.
Shouting out "racist" as an response to every concern you have about UKIP. In a democratic nation we debate, we discuss and we talk about our concerns.
I myself have many concerns about left wing politics and political ideals that I would love to debate with someone. I just haven't been afforded the opportunity due to the stigma applied to being a UKIP member.
I would happily sit down and calmly discuss where I and UKIP are coming from in response to any concerns the left might have about the party.
I fully understand that any discussion of immigration is a sensitive subject, especially when a reduction in that immigration is introduced as a policy.
But the reality is we have had a huge increase in immigration over the years that not only has the country found hard to process, it has also convulsed in terms of health care, accommodation, employment and the cost of living.
These are legitimate concerns that need to be answered whether on the left or right.
There is absolutely no doubting that the unskilled labour market has had a huge rise in workers. There is absolutely no doubt that there has been positive influences from immigration, you will find nobody who disagrees with that.
But when you introduce a city the size of Hull to the UK on a yearly basis when all the issues above haven't been addressed, you should be able to understand the concerns some have especially in some areas of the country that have been heavily impacted by migration.
I myself live on the south coast of England, my area has been heavily impacted by mass immigration over the last 7 years and it has left the area struggling both in terms of employment but also in terms of housing which has resulted in a huge development being built just down the road from my house in a green area that has been that way since possibly the ice-age.
One issue I am willing to bet that allot of people don't know about is how we decline applications to move here from the rest of the world, not to mention have gone through the unpleasant process of chucking out those here legally who are not EU born to make up for the figures that come here from the EU.
I myself know having lost my girlfriend to deportation some years ago. Something I will never ever forgive the Conservative Party government for, for as long as I live.
But UKIP are pro-Commonwealth. This is something that has remained consistent throughout their time as a political party.
They don't want to distinguish between Nationality, race or colour as long as we get a well qualified and well meaning migrant who is willing to add to the country.
A system of rejecting a unskilled labourer from Europe in favour of a Japanese scientist surely has to be preferable?
This is the policy UKIP hold forward on offer.
A migration rate of between 50,000-60,000 a year who have something to offer.
When you are desperate for new positive publicity to suite the people, this is when mistakes start to be made whether Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.
There is no doubting that Labour massively underestimated immigration, something to their credit they have apologised for if not in a rather subdued manner, the Lib Dems have quite frankly been allover the place with their policies and for that as a former Lib Dem voter I will never forgive them and of cause the Tories who say they have cut the deficit but haven't really, and have brought the quality of living down to a new all time low with food bank requirements at a tragically high level and Zero Hour contracts at an all time high unfortunately.
I am not going to sit here and say UKIP have got everything wrong. Hell we ditched our 2010 manifesto like it was a non-event when in reality as a party we shouldn't have put together think tank after-thought policies and then cherry picked them from 2010-2012.
The reality as Farage said is that it was utter garbage.
I myself read it and could see echoes of the Monster Raving Looney party in terms of taxi drivers wearing uniforms and some of the other more strange policies.
Had Farage not completely ditched the manifesto I would not be sitting to you hear right now as a UKIP member.
I started following UKIP because of what they said they wanted for the country and because of the excellent individuals I had come to know over time.
We have a fantastic manifesto being put together by Tim Aker, and of the policies released so far I am hugely encouraged.
We have excellent MEPs asking the right questions and opposing the right things, something maybe UKIP could have been criticized for before, but not now.
I spent last night watching the events of the European Parliament that took place the evening before. Events like objecting to financially backing bull fighting in Spain, bringing up our Nations negative effect in the middle east through Amjad Bashir and reducing the joint cost of new legislation were really very encouraging indeed.
I am not going to sit here and say we are perfect, but we are coming forward in leaps and bounds. We have very clear and fair concerns that whether you like to admit it or not do align with some of yours.
So before you scream "racist". Please just listen to us.
Accept our help.
Hell don't even mention we were there.
But we want the same as you do in many ways, and we want what's best for people.
Whether we are left wing or right wing, we both want what is right and not what is wrong.
So for goodness sakes, just in these instances lets at least be civil and do what is right for this country.
Regards, and thankyou for reading.

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