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Pathetic Opportunism From The EU and the British Media

A lot has been said about the New Polish ally of UKIP and the British Press over the last few days, and one can't help but feel completely and utterly bored at the pathetic opportunism by the National press not only in how they initially reported the collapse of the EFDD Group (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy).

Firstly the wide-spread British media complete ignored the background of breakup of the group, which was questionable and highly suspicious to say the least.

In the early afternoon of October 16th 2014, it was revealed that the Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule had resigned her membership of the group, meaning that UKIP and the EFDD no-longer held the required 7 parties from 7 Nations to form a political group.

UKIP and the other parties within the EFDD group were immediately relegated to 'Non-Inscrits' in the European Parliamentary listing and asked to vacate the privileges that they all had as members of a grouping.

Losing a Parliamentary grouping means a cut in talk time in the European Parliament/Committee meetings, working spaces and financing.

It must be said, that the tacky, and poorly timed celebrations from notable representatives of the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour Party and Liberal democrats were pretty cringe-worthy considering it was the people of the United Kingdom of voted to put the United Kingdom Independence Party where they were.

UKIP MEP's have been tirelessly working in the European Parliament in Committee meeting and in the Parliament itself to bring the latest ongoing changes to the people of the UK. What the representatives of the other parties were effectively doing was laughing at the electorate who voted UKIP to where they were during the European Elections in May 2014.

The circumstances surrounding the Latvian MEP's departure as time went on seemed to be stranger and stranger.
A line from UKIP saying that the European Parliaments President Martin Schulz a member of the group 'Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats' who is meant (according to his job description) to remain neutral and impartial, seemed to imply that something had happened leading to the departure of this MEP.

It is no secret that Mr Schulz happens to have a spectacular loathing for UKIP, Nigel Farage and what was the EFD (now EFDD), and has in the past ignored his job description, its ordered impartiality and cast it aside to launch attacks on Nigel Farage in particular as can be seen here from this video clip dating back to 1 February 2012:

Schulz in this clip completely discarded his own job requirements and impartiality to launch a attack on Nigel Farage. Then furthermore ignored a point of order by Nigel Farage to respond to his personal attack on the Leader of UKIP.

Here a month earlier we have Mr Farage predicting Mr Schulz's impartiality and aggression before he even had a chance to come out of 1st gear:

So I guess people shouldn't be surprised when from time to time, Schulz steps out from his job description and impacts the very makeup of parliamentary groupings on the part of his own bias in an attempt to do Groups and Party's he deems harmful to the pro-EU cause.
I don't think however anyone could have dreamed the events leading up to the initial collapse of the EFDD and how much of an impact (apparently) Mr Schulz would have had himself in ensuring that the group didn't continue in it's existing (at that time) format.

Initially it was confirmed that Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule of the Latvian Farmers' Union had resigned from the EFDD in Mr Schulz office, but as the day went on more was revealed to add question to her departure.

Indeed in an interview she gave to the General Secretary of the EFDD she revealed that  EPP chairman Manfred Weber and Mr Schulz had told her she must resign from the EFDD Group in order take up the presidency of a Parliamentary delegation to Kazakstan.

"I had to do it to get elected", she told the secretary general of the EFDD Group.
This sum of events is pretty self explanatory.
The President of the European Union had given Miss Grigule a "or else" ultimatum to leave the EU. In any impartial country this story would have made big news across the UK. However only 2 media outlets reported this term of events. Breitbart London ( and the Daily Mail with a semi-sarcastic report on how Nigel Farage had "cried foul" (

Other newspapers took the more anti-UKIP approach completely going contrary to what Miss Grigule was reported to have told the General Secretary of the EFDD. Some making mention that she had left as Farage and UKIP had been more eager to concentrate on "domestic policies".
The question goes unanswered though.
Has Mr Schulz overstepped his boundaries and directly impacted the makeup of the European Parliament?

This is a question it would seem we will never find an answer to if this video clip is anything to go by:

This departure left UKIP with a very difficult choice to make.
Either try to make a deal with a member of another group and be accused of tapping them up, take a look at some of the Non-attached Members (Non-Inscrits) or sit back for the next 3 and a half years knowing that the EFDD members will be there not getting the same kind of coverage they had been democratically, after being quite frankly undemocratically lowered out of group status by a questionable act.

Obviously sitting back wasn't an option, finding a member from an already existing group in terms of time-frame would have left EFDD members getting twitchy liable to being poached and other nastiness possibly being inflicted on the Group members by the European Parliament.

So it was decided that the best option was to look at the non-Inscrits pool. A tricky tactic considering the non-Instrits pool are effectively parties rejected from formed groups.

With the current media attitude toward UKIP in the United Kingdom, you do get the impression that whatever the party had decided to do next would have been criticized.

Had they decided to go it alone the papers would have reported a continued lack of funding, a lack of talking time and the "mass losses" to UKIP as Parties joined other groupings. It would have provided the newspapers that hated UKIP with 3 and a half years of negative stories.
Instead they are taking the predictable route of smearing UKIP for the only option left to them.
If we take a look at the pool of Non-Inscrits in the European Parliament, basically the Parties and individuals UKIP could have chosen from to make up the 7th Nationality in the Group to qualify for Group Status. We have the following:
  • Austria's Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)
  • Belgium's Flemish Interest
  • France's National Front (FN)
  • Germany's Die PARTEI
  • Germany's National Democratic Party of Germany (DNP)
  • Greece's Golden Dawn
  • Greece's Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
  • Hungary's Jobbik
  • Italy's Northern League - Lega Nord
  • The Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV)
  • Poland's Congress of the New Right (KNP)
  • The United Kingdom Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
Austria's Freedom Party are deemed to be a Right-Wing to Far-Right party (Ref1) and have been linked to Nazism by sections of the media. (Ref2)
Belgium's Flemish Interest are deemed to be a Far-Right party (Ref3) and practice in Separatism. (Ref4)
France's National Front are a well known Far-Right party (Ref5) and have a very lengthy history of racism. (Ref6) UKIP have said numerous times that they would not do business with the French Party and having already got a French MEP it would make no sense to do business with the party, regardless of political standing or background.
Germany's Die PARTEI are a Radical Center Party and are pretty much the laughing stock of Europe with ridiculous claims and policies. (Ref7
Germany's National Democratic Party are a Extreme Far-Right party with links to Neo-Nazism, National Socialism and Ethnic Nationalism. (Ref8)
Greece's Golden Dawn are an Extreme Far Right Party who again have clear links to Neo-Nazism and Fascism. (Ref9) (Ref10)
Greece's Communist Party are a Far-Left Party who have clear links to Communism, Proletarian internationalism and Marxism–Leninism. (Ref11)
Hungary's Jobbik are a Far-Right Party who believe in Hungarian nationalism and Radicalism. (Ref12)
Italy's Northern League otherwise known as Lega Nord are a Right-Wing party (Ref13) previously associated with the EFD in the previous Parliament. They decided not to rejoin the EFDD instead choosing to associate themselves with the Far-Right party 'The French National Front" (Ref14) thus making their position impossible with regards to rejoining the EFDD. Regardless, with the Five Star Movement of Italy already being members of the EFDD it wouldn't make sense for the Northern League to be invited back regardless.
The Netherland's Party for Freedom are a Right-Wing to Far-Right party with strong anti-Islamic opinions (Ref15) such as not allowing immigration from Islamic countries.
Polish party The Congress of the New Right were deemed to be a Right-Wing party up until the time Nigel Farage and UKIP invited one of their MEP's to join the EFDD. (Ref16) But now the MEP has moved and the British media agenda has kicked in, they are suddenly proclaiming the Congress of the New Right a "Far-Right" party (Ref17) and digging up any information in an attempt to discredit what UKIP have been forced into doing.
A few truths for the record. The Congress of the New Right's ideology is Economic libertarianism, Social conservatism and Euroscepticism. Whilst their leader might have made objectionable comments and the British media are desperate to make light of a poorly worded joke by the individual MEP who joined UKIP. The Congress of the New Right is the least objectionable party UKIP could have taken an individual MEP from to reform their group.

UKIP haven't signed up the Congress of the New Right. They have signed up an individual MEP.

Even Paul Nuttall has said UKIP/EFDD wouldn't accept Congress of the New Right as a complete party into the EFDD, nor would they accept the party leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who has made thoroughly unacceptable comments:

The United Kingdom Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) are a Right-Wing party (Ref18) and opponents of UKIP in Northern Ireland. Adding them to the EFDD would have made no difference to the 7 Nations rule anyway.

The absolute truth of the matter in conclusion is it looks incredibly likely that the EFDD was stitched up by the European Parliament's President and that they had a impossible choice to make, a "no win scenario", with the British anti-UKIP media and elitist established parties laying in wait to pounce.

UKIP did the only thing they could do to carry on competing. Had they not done so they would have been letting down all those people who elected them to the position they are in today.

The only thing I find shameful with regards this matter is the British Media's reaction, completely ignoring the wider story and those supposedly "Eurosceptic" MEP's from other parties who did not batter an eyelid when the European Parliament President apparently clearly stepped well and truly over the line.

As for those party representatives from other parties who have mocked UKIP in the cheapest and sleaziest way. What can you say other than "shame on you"...

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