Sunday, 19 October 2014

Formal Statement Regards Joshua Bonehill - The Daily Bale - Article referring to me (19/10/2014)


Joshua Bonehill and his merry troop of troublemakers are a blight on politics.

Joshua himself has already been in court over lies he has made up resulting in people being threatened.

A rep of his website has recently (19/10/2014) written an article about me with regards to anti-UKIP groups "SlatUKIP", "We're Still Laughing At UKIP" and an individual I suspect to be running those groups named Daniel Pitt, and his mother who sent me abusive messages on Facebook. These anti-UKIP groups currently exist on Twitter and Facebook.

In his article he referred to me as being "the Daily Bale correspondent" and "the Daily Bales Thomas Evans". He has also referred to me as "UKIP official", something I am not, I am a UKIP member.

He has also posted a direct link to my Twitter page, something he has absolutely no permission to do.

I want it on record that I have nothing to do with Joshua Bonehill, the Daily Bale or any of his productions/representatives.

I find his attitude, behavior and views repugnant to say the least.
I do not support him, his followers, any of his publications and or anything that he has to say.

I want that on record from todays date.
Anything he has to say in his articles is NOT taken from me willingly and is not appreciated.

I have just discovered that he has edited the comment I left (2 times) in the above mentioned article to reflect something completely different to what I actually said.

In this instance Bonehill and his associates have proven themselves liars.
Thomas Evans (UKIP member)

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