Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Response to "Why UKIP members are dropping like flies as local councillors" article by Angela aka: @Angelneptustar on Twitter

Referenced article: Why UKIP members are dropping like flies as local councilors

I was recently made aware of an article by an individual via Twitter in which she made out that UKIP Councillors were "dropping like flies".

Within the first paragraph the tone of the article gave away its real objectives. A sarcastic swiping of UKIP and it's members immediately gave itself away as an article written to smear and not to report the facts in any kind of constructively critical way.

Articles of these types have been rampant in the last week since the defection of Conservative Party MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP. It would seem that a rather unhealthy dose of "sour grapes" has been ingested by some sections of the media and some pretty average bloggers online it has to be said.

Now I am not talking up my own blogging writing skills here, I am just a humble UKIP member with a reasonable understanding of politics.
I talk about what I know, and won't hold back from speaking the truth when it needs to be said.

Yet these people writing these articles are career journalists, political correspondents and activist/bloggers for other parties with a vast following.

The individual who wrote the above article has circa 10,000 followers on Twitter. About 3 and a bit times that than I do. My last article published on here was viewed by just over 1,000 people which was a new high for me, I might add, and I am very thankful to those who read it.

But when it comes to smears from political blogger activists I would have expected something more than this poor convoluted attempt to downgrade UKIP, its members and Councillors. But it would seem this individual has taken a few lessons from the "Labour Party school of nonsense".

"UKIP’s Matthew Smith on a fraud charge" - Accused doesn't mean convicted.

What this individual forgot to mention was Mr Smith was due to stand down as Councillor during the General Elections anyway.

Last time I checked people in the United Kingdom were innocent until proven guilty?

But as long as we are highlighting "accusations" of electoral fraud let's take a small look at some Conservative Party candidates shall we?
Ashford Conservative council candidate Cencizham Cerit jailed for electoral fraud - 8th Feb 2013

Conservative member Ali Hayder Munir convicted of electoral fraud after councillor father acquitted

Tory councillor Eshaq Khan jailed for using 'ghost voters' to rig local election

Five jailed for electoral fraud

Tory’s Mile End candidate Jewel Islam arrested in suspected electoral fraud

"Let’s start with the UKIP councillor for Henley-on-Thames. David Sylvester warned PM David Cameron that if gay marriage were legalised, disaster would befall the UK."
What Angela forgets to tell you about this instance is that David Silvester was a Conservative Party candidate and Councillor when he made the initial statement to the Conservative Party and David Cameron. He was a Conservative Party Councillor for multiple years before defecting to the UK Independence Party due to David Cameron's stance on Gay Marriage.

A matter of 3 days after Silvester made similar comments after joining UKIP, he had been suspended and sacked by the party. This was back in January this year, 9 months ago!

When Mr Silvester initially aired his views on the subject as a Conservative Party member, not only did the British media not focus on it in the same way it had whilst he was a UKIP member, he wasn't suspended by the Conservative Party.

No action taken against David Silvester over "Gay Marriage" comments

"Moving on to UKIP Councillor Paul Clapp of Wisbech, who was forced to answer the following charges by his colleagues.
They claimed that Cllr Clapp was
•struggling to cope with the role
•forgetting to call for votes on committee items
•failing to realise when the next item should be introduced
•reading recommendations from different items to that being debated
•is generally failing to ensure the meeting follows due process
The letter claims the role of chairman is also to work with officers on strategic issues “and we simply do not believe that the current chairman is experienced enough to do this at a very difficult and important time”.  Councillor Clapp has agreed to take on a less demanding role."

Actually if Angela had done a little more research she would know that Mr Clapp was diagnosed with severe dyslexia so what she has actually done here is bring to light someone's disability as a reason not to vote UKIP.

For me this lack of research into a really unfortunate issue is inexcusable, and should be denounced by everyone who reads her pathetic article.

"Also in Wisbech, UKIP Cllr Peter Lagoda stepped down in April from his role.  He quit after an independent review found that controversial remarks he made during a fire station visit were “racist, derogatory and discriminatory”.   Lagoda’s remarks at Wisbech fire station caused one of the firefighters to to lodge a complaint, as he admitted to describing his sister to the firefighters as a “w*g” and spoke about his “Mongol” relatives having children with “slanty eyes”.

Again, what Angela has done is not disclose all the facts. Lagoda was a very disappointing candidate UKIP had. He had no prior record of any wrong-doing, so short of conducting some sort of Vulcan-esque mind-meld. Any right minded party would struggle to discover any ulterior motives.

Mr Lagoda had never said or done anything questionable prior to this event.
Following these comments and his being charged with benefits fraud Mr Lagoda was kicked out of the party in April this year.

"In Cornwall, in May,  UKIP Councillor Keogh stepped down citing “personal circumstances.”He said: “Personal circumstances have arisen which mean I’m not able to spend the time I would like to on the job.   “The job needs to be done properly and I need to step aside and let somebody else take up the position.”

...again... In similar circumstances to Mr Clapp, until you really know his circumstances I think it is really foolish to highlight his departure as Councillor.

For all you know a family member of his could have fallen ill.

Shameful that you have cited this example as well Angela.

"In July, Robert Ray stood down as the leader of Thurrock UKIP.  The Aveley councillor has made the announcement as he is in the middle of court proceedings in relation to a drink-driving allegation.  He denies the charge."

There is no excuse for drink-driving. He rightfully stood down.

Did these Conservative Party Councillors stand down for drink-driving charges?







"In April,  Halesowen and Rowley Regis UKIP candidate Dean Perks has been urged to stand down after it emerged he owed the taxman more than £10,000 in missed VAT payments.  Mr Perks, who runs property renovations company Changing Rooms, failed in a three year battle with HM Revenue and Customs after they ruled he was VAT registered when he thought he was not.
Mr Perks is also standing for UKIP in next week’s Dudley Council elections for Upper Gornal and Woodsetton."

So basically saying he should stand down as he is poor?
Well done... <sarcastically claps>

Also this article is about UKIP Councillors who have "dropped like flies" isn't it? Yet he is still a UKIP candidate and not even a Councillor yet?

"In Yarmouth, UKIP Councillor Matthew Smith is standing down over fraud charges.   He had been due to stand for UKIP in Great Yarmouth at the next general election, but has stepped down to fight accusations of electoral fraud.  Norfolk county councillor Matthew Smith, 26, appeared at Norwich Crown Court earlier, where he denied the charges he faces.
They relate to the county council elections in the Great Yarmouth district in May 2013. Mr Smith said he was standing down for the good of the party. The councillor, of High Street, Gorleston, denies several counts of making a false statement in nomination papers and making a false instrument with intent.
His trial was due to begin on 5 January."

...Erm... Tad confused...
Didn't you already do Matthew Smith's bit at the top of the article or are you just repeating people to pad out the article for dramatic effect?

"UKIP councillor for Rushmore  Malcolm Small stood down after he was sentenced for arson.  Apparently he has been convicted of setting fire to his wife’s clothes in a marital spat.  Mr. Small received a sentence of twelve weeks,  suspended for two years.
In May, UKIP Councillor David Small was suspended over alleged homophobic and racist remarks just days after he was elected. He was told to stand down by his party while they investigated claims he referred to gay people as “perverts”, African immigrants as “scroungers” and other offensive comments.  He posted this on Facebook.  “I refuse to call them gays, as what has gay to do with Perverts like Elton John and Clair [sic] Balding who get their jollies in such disgusting ways. to sum up, they should not allowed to be married, they should go back to the closet.”
Mr Small had just won the Church Hill seat for the party on Redditch Borough Council."

...Again... We kicked him out... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-27611960

UKIP have a zero tolerance policy to Racism and Homophobia.

Meanwhile at the Tories:








Tory Councillors Homophobic Bullying



"Finally, in May, UKIP’s Eric Kitson face the sack for racist rants.  He sparked fury amid allegations he unleashed a series of racist abuse online. Eric Kitson, who won a seat in Stourport  launched a whole raft of anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish Facebook posts. Among the most shocking was a cartoon of a Muslim being spit-roasted on a fire fuelled by copies of the Koran.  In one comment he said in reference to Muslim women: “Hang um all first then ask questions later.”  A raft of anti-Jewish remarks have also appeared on his Facebook site, and in a separate post he has called for the repatriation of “six million migrants and refugees”.
There was also false claims posted on his site that the Rothschild banking dynasty had controlled Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler.
His Facebook page has also called for Muslim women to be hanged, suggested Islam is “a cancer” that should be eradicated “with nuclear weapons” and expressed support for BNP boss Nick Griffin by ‘liking’ him."

What Angela forgets to mention is that he had been a UKIP Councillor for 12 years without issue. His unacceptable behavior came about suddenly without warning and he had given no indication up until the point he posted what he had, that he was trouble.

He was immediately removed from the party upon his unacceptable remarks.

"Racists.  Bigots. Homophobes. Fraudsters. OK,  you find them in every party, but these are all UKIP councillors in trouble this year!  Not much of an endorsement is it, Mr. Carswell?  Because after all, if UKIP members are like this as councillors, what will they be like as MPs?"

I tell you what is funny. You concede that "every party" has "racists, bigots, homophobes and fraudsters" yet you haven't apparently taken the time to look at just how many cases there are within your own party.

I am willing to bet you are just to ignorant a person to look it up?!

I myself recognise that there are undesirable elements in UKIP. As should members of the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and SNP.

What defines a party is the attitude it has to such events.
The simple fact is that UKIP do not accept former Far Right members. Literally. It has been in their constitution for 4 years now. Meanwhile the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems have accepted people into their parties who have a past of Nazism or have been former members of the BNP.

I am proud of the zero tolerance attitude UKIP has to people that have done or said unacceptable things. It shows that we are doing it right whilst the other parties, as illustrated above, have tried to protect and preserve people who stand for them and make unacceptable comments.

You allude to a higher than normal number of questionable people at UKIP when you know, as does everyone else, that the spotlight of the media and other parties has been shone on UKIP to a vastly higher degree than other parties.

I mean for goodness sakes their was a cross-party campaign during the European and Council Elections this year in which information was freely being passed between "supposed enemies" as parties in an attempt to discredit UKIP in areas of which they were standing.

Information was being passed from a Conservative Party research team directly to the media in an attempt to smear UKIP.

The Conservative Parties own supporters have even spoken about how the smear attempts against UKIP are cringe-worthy: Conservative Party Views

The 'wonderful' pro-Conservative Douglas Murray has even highlighted just how spectacularly ridiculous the smears against UKIP have been: Douglas Murray Article In The Spectator

If you look at Regional Newspapers and News websites across the country. You will find examples of Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems etc who have made outrageous objectionable comments. But the key difference is they usually stop there.

They never see the light of day. Where as UKIP candidates, members, MEP's, Councillors and activists will be called up in the National Media for any comment that they make, the media can make a good anti-UKIP article.

The media hysteria brought about on UKIP egged on by people such as yourself Angela, not to mention organisations such as the UAF and Hope Not Hate, of whom they are either afraid of a new party coming up that doesn't tow a Elite line is utterly ridiculous. Shameful even.

In fact the only thing that is more shameful than that is that people have been abused to such an extent in this country, that they have been afraid to report very serious crimes through fear of being labeled.

You Angela and others like you, inadvertently lend your support to this with your pathetic smear tactics.

The media support a pretty effective blanket between the mainstream parties trouble-makers and UKIP's troublesome individuals.

I am willing to bet that you never heard about the Conservative Party Councillor who had armed police arrest him over Fire Arms Offences or the Labour Party Mayor who was charged with Child Abuse.

You are to busy trying to smear UKIP members on minor offences. Or claim that by voting for UKIP, voters will put in a Labour Government when in reality the Conservative Party selectively forget the fact that UKIP take votes from all the other Parties (Greens, Labour and Lib Dems), not to mention 20% of our vote coming from people who formerly didn't vote and were fed up with politics.

We as a party encourage people back into voting, yet you would have people go back to the "old ways" of playing table tennis politics of keeping the old Elitist Parties in power and not having real change!

With such complete and utter nonsense you do not deserve 10,000 followers Angela. How could you be so ignorant?!

How can people be so ignorant?!

Let's take a count on the number of UKIP Councillors you list here Angela shall we? Let's see what your article is made up of?
  • 3 cases of racist remarks
  • 2 cases of homophobic remarks
  • 3 cases of fraud
  • 2 cases of standing down or being moved to a new position due to health or personal circumstances
This is all from a grand total of 9 (1 of whom was a Council Candidate and not a Councillor) people. Out of 400+ Councillors over a space of a year?


  1. What a FANTASTIC response! Very well done indeed.

  2. 've just read your necessary and reasonable response to the maligning article and found it very agreeable!
    Then I felt a shudder and a sick feeling developed in my stomach, and found myself saying “No” No”...... actually out loud! I'll try to explain!
    Over the last twenty or so year, I believe I have witnessed a trend in British politics that your defence of Ukip brought to mind. Now at this moment and off the top of my head I can only think of two significant examples and I need to do further research to help remember other incidents that helped develop my concerns.

    It seems that the labour Party have been used to push through unpopular generally “Right wing” policies, and that the Conservatives, have been used to push through generally “left wing” Policies!

    For example, it was the Labour party who introduced Tuition fees for university students. For conservatives this was a prudent policy many supported. Whereas labour politicians and supporters were significantly opposed . However as it was Labour party policy it was difficult for their MPs to protest. Thus there was no real mainstream political opposition! If the conservative party were in power at the time. The labour Party and supporters would have mounted very serious well funded opposition.
    Then recently. It was the Conservatives who started implementing legislation, that has to be generally considered as “Left wing” That
    is Gay marriage and the new “Hate” laws.
    If the Labour Party had introduced this controversial legislation, the Conservatives and many supporters would have campaigned against this legislation quite vociferously! This did not happen as it was official Conservative policy!

    So now we come to Ukip, a fledgeling party who I support with a passion and who have all my political hopes for the future!
    However, on reading your article I realised, that currently Ukip have a policy regarding membership, that refuses to accept that peoples political opinions can mature and even change over the years. It is Ukip, and Ukip alone who have a policy of barring anyone from membership who has been a member or associate of proscribed political parties, parties such as the BNP! Not even the Labour party do this.
    I realise there may be some political expedience in this and it helps deflect the ludicrous claims that Ukip is a racist party. Nevertheless it is Ukip who have developed a policy that is more “left wing” than even the loony left, and discriminates against those who were often the most patriotic and concerned about protecting British cultural values and people. Thanks for bearing with me and I'd be interested in your response. You can private message me if you want.

  3. Can I suggest you actually take a look at the BNP's policies.

    If you want people who sign up to that at UKIP however reformed it is rather worrying.

    We can do better than them.

    We are better than them.