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My Response To Polly Billington Dishonesty RE: UKIP Policies and Attitudes

Article in question: http://labourlist.org/2014/08/ignoring-ukip-isnt-just-an-electoral-mistake-it-is-a-moral-one-too/


It really is quite appalling the level to which the Labour Party will consistently lie about UKIP policies to try and willingly and knowingly lie to the electorate.

This is not good politics to win people back onboard who feel disenfranchised with politics, this is even more deception which will surely push people away.

It is bad enough that Labour continued to spread the same lies about UKIP policies over the course of the European Elections and Council Elections. But to now continue lying about UKIP policies that have already been said not to be current or confirmed is an utter disgrace.

"UKIP is peddling simplistic answers that we should counter: not by spending our time pointlessly factually correcting people, but by having a conversation based on hope."

Do not confuse common sense policies with that of "simplistic answers", it gets really rather boring.
Books of policies, legislation and laws for the different segments of society are one of many elements of politics and law that leave people not wanting to have anything to do with modern politics.

UKIP have done and will continue to outline logical well thought out policies that people across all the parties will be able to read as of next month in total (September).

Don't believe the rhetoric coming from this individual.
Fine if you don't want to believe UKIP or want to question policies then do so.
But don't do it before they have even been announced.
Remember no party has released a manifesto as yet for the General Elections of 2015.

"UKIP’s politics of despair is based on a zero-sum games of jobs, public services and homes – where the country doesn’t just freeze but turns the clock back."

No. UKIP's policies are that to which we would like to make a better life for people.
Take people away from the need for food banks.
Take people away from unemployment and being reliant on the state.
Take away the fear that there will not be enough roofs around to shelter people.
Take away the fear that a jobs market will not be inundated with unskilled migrants taking those few jobs that remain, forcing down wages and sidestepping wage laws.

UKIP want to offer people on the minimum wage no income tax.
A fantastic idea that no other party has been able to match.

80% of our population want reform in the immigration system.

Both Labour and the Tories promised us reasonable rates of migrants entering the country and both have failed miserably to keep promises.

Whole areas have been swallowed up by mass immigration. As taboo as Labour have made it to say out load. It is a fact that there has been a impact culturally.

I myself live on the south coast and the number of people who are non-English speaking in my highstreet is alarming.

"Or, depending who they are talking to, would introduce a flat tax rate for all" - Lie. UKIP have no such policy.
"charge you for your GP" - Another lie. UKIP have no such policy and have on multiple occasions refuted this repeated lie from Labour: http://www.ukip.org/ukip_head_of_policy_tim_aker_last_night_warned_voters_not_to_believe_labours_misinformation_and_lies_about_the_party
"and abolish many of our hard-fought-for employment rights like paid holidays and maternity leave. Like the Tories only more so." - Again utter nonsense. Don't confuse a repatriation of law with abolition of employment laws.
Should we leave the EU we would need to repatriate laws and legislation.

"More and better jobs" - These would be the same jobs that Labour handed away when they signed the Lisbon Treaty without the publics say so.
Yet now they want to offer us jobs back?!
At least UKIP have a plan to create small and medium businesses. Encourage large businesses back to the UK with a decrease in expensive legislation, expensive energy costs and expensive tariffs.

"homes" - As much as people will moan at me for saying it immigration has had a impact on the housing market. Wage constriction and unemployment have had an impact on people's ability to buy houses and get onto the employment ladder.
Yet Labour boast they will sort this all out after creating the mess in the first place!

We need to build a house every 7 minutes to keep up with demand. Labour favour building on the green belt and continue to allow people to flood in from the continent. That means huge swaths of beautiful British countryside going the way of concrete and tarmac and rising energy costs with a higher requirement on energy.

"and quality public services is the right mantra that will build on our cost-of-living message" - This is the same Labour that left the NHS with a £60 billion black hole!
The same Labour that left the treasury without a penny piece, with the "sorry no money left" note left in the draw as a tongue in cheek joke.
The same Labour who dumped half a million people a year on the education system health services and other public services.

How dare the person who wrote this article talk down to UKIP as having no answer when we are giving answers right now to problems created by the Labour Party!

"But we also need to show we “get it” when it comes to the disjuncture between the risks the world poses and way our current system protects people – or not." - You mean like your policy of giving the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and an In Out vote if their is a further transfer of legislation to the EU.
Saying this when you know there is a further transfer of legislation in 2016 which involves handing the EU a Vito vote which means that if the people have a referendum and vote out, all it would take to Vito that vote is for 16 of 27 other EU member states to say no and the people's vote will be ignored and article 50 will not be able to be processed.

Shame on you. Shame on you that you would lie so openly to the electorate.

"Rachel Reeves’ suggestions of changing the welfare system to require contribution before benefits can be claimed speaks to the worries of many, and reflects our own values of decency." - No what it does is apply pressure to the tens of thousands who try to find work and can not.

We (disabled) have not forgotten the legacy you applied to us in that you signed up ATOS to evaluate all disabled people's ability to work.

This decision has lead to over 300 (as reported by multiple news sources) suicides by disabled people due to their allowances that they rely on to live due to ill health being taken away from them.
This is after being evaluated by people barely qualified to decide whether they are fit to work. Physiotherapists and psychologists evaluating the physical abilities of people and whether they can work.

How can you as a party be trusted to do what is best for people who cannot gain employment ever again?!

You sit there and say what you think will buy you favour. Not what will actually be good for people.

"We have never been a party that has as a principle that benefits are available to all who rock up." - No. But you turned a blind eye to it under Gordon Brown when he signed the Lisbon Treaty.
That is the problem. You can say you are not okay with it. But unless you actually take action you are liable.

"These reforms would probably require changes to EU rules, and we should be able to have those conversations in a constructive way that eludes David Cameron. His failure in Europe is because he isn’t driven by a set of values but by political expediency." - With this statement Labour just proves they are every bit as dishonest as the Tories and the Lib Dems.

There is no scope for reform within the EU. That much has been said on multiple occasions but parties like Labour and the Conservatives continue to make out their is wiggle room for change in the Lisbon Treaty in the EU.

This is a downright lie! I am sick of it!

"Establishing a system of social security that you can trust has been a success for Labour in the past, and tackling that head on again could be once more. We can confidently talk about a social security system that reflects your contribution, where we know and respect our neighbours and their efforts to get on, rather than live suspecting all around us of working a system that doesn’t work for us." - This would be the same "Social Security" that Labour were forced to apologise for when they massively cocked up when the doors were opened to Poland and something like 20 times as many people came into the UK in a vastly shorter time period than as was expected. Absolutely flooding the unskilled Labour market and leaving the youth with an unemployment level that is a testament of shame to your party?

Labour have a very selective memory!

"UKIP want to say to people the only way to protect you from those risks is to turn your back on the world, with no thought to the horrendous economic consequences of becoming a small-state free-market island, a low-rent sweatshop on the edge of Europe." - It's funny. UKIP always get accused of "scaremongering" by the other parties and media. But what the Hell is this?!

UKIP want to reconnect with the Commonwealth both in trade and immigration.
Remind yourself that is a third of the worlds population for goodness sakes!

UKIP want to have Worldwide immigration of skilled labour as opposed to a complete open door to 27 member states of Europe and the bizarre immigration setup with a few middle eastern countries we have now.

Why on Earth should we deny a New Zealand based neurosurgeon entry to the UK to work in favour of a Eastern European laborer as we do right now?!

UKIP want trade deals and connection with the GLOBE. That includes the EU.
We do not have to be part of the EU to trade with the EU.
We have Article 50 which means the EU have to trade with us if we enforce it. It worked for Switzerland didn't it?

Meanwhile we can foster trade deals with all the trade capital countries of the world, create trade deals with the emerging countries of the World and reconnect with our cousins in the Commonwealth!

The EU is the slowest growing trade market in the World.

Don't listen to silly little scare stories such as the one in this article. It is just another Labour Party attempt to mislead the electorate.

Read UKIP's manifesto if you do not believe the words of this individual.

"My community has changed rapidly over the last 15 to 20 years or so, and the anxiety that can grow from that is being exploited by UKIP." - UKIP are a common-sense party. We talk to people about what concerns then as opposed to striking fear into them that some subjects are taboo and should not be spoken about.

Labour tried this tactic under Blair and Brown striking the fear into people who were concerned about how their communities were changing and how little jobs were going around due to labour who were willing to work for less.

I am not surprised that this article is trying to scare people off of reading UKIP's true policies.

After all we all know that Labour Party members have their fingers in anti-fascist groups who falsely go around yelling abuse at UKIP members and supporters. Falsely accusing decent hard working individuals of racism for just supporting a party they believe listens to them.

I don't want to turn this into a mud slinging contest. But UKIP are a party that listens.
We debate.
I will talk to anyone from any party as long as it doesn't involve foul abuse being flung in my direction and baseless accusations being made.

I have tried talking to Labour Party councilors, activists and MP's in the past and some of the abuse I have received for simply being a UKIP member has been astounding.

I oppose homophobia, racism and extremism. Yet this doesn't stop some in Labour blanket accusing the majority of disgusting things and trying to prevent those people freedom of speech.

I myself have just encountered a "anti UKIP group" in my town of Worthing in West Sussex.
The person who co-runs the group has not disclosed her background or any political bias. Yet is a Labour Party member and stood as a Councilor in a ward local to me.
When I brought this up in debate, I was immediately banned by the person in question from even commenting on the group.

Labour also have representation in the UAF and Hope Not Hate. Two laughably titled "anti fascist" groups who do not believe in democracy, freedom of speech and the freedom for a group of people to join together at meetings or conferences.

I myself, a disabled person have been prevented from attending UKIP meetings by these groups supported by Labour Party members.

This is what you get if you dare to question a subject Labour and other parties do not want discussed.

Being concerned about open-door immigration is not racist or xenophobic. It should be freely discussed without fear. Yet Labour and other groups have installed a climate of fear around UKIP so when they discuss it, they are perceived in a different light.

This is disgraceful.

"Labour is and always has been the party of decency for working people, and right now that means connecting people to their own ambitions through practical achievable things we will do that will create opportunity and security." - As I have highlighted above in numerous sections this is a lie at best.

Labour have done more for degradation of communities and societies than any other party in British history.

Labour had an opportunity under Tony Blair and even under Gordon Brown to install a fair controlled immigration system where people could integrate into communities. But they squandered this opportunity for greed.
To help big business grow with a cheap unskilled labour market free to them.

"These ambitions cross the boundaries of race and language (and indeed class), which enable us to bring people together ti build solidarity and a strong community of shared values. To abandon some of our potential voters to the politics of despair isn’t just daft and cynical, it’s wrong." - Again this misleading at best.
UKIP cross boundaries of race, religion, ethnicity and nationality.
We have wings of other Nationalities (UKIP friends of Poland for instance), we have reps of different religions (Muslim, Jewish and others) and I am proud of that fact.

We want people to come to the UK from allover the World. But in such a way that is sustainable.

Labour destroyed communities.
London is a good example. It is now unaffordable to people who have family living back generations in the capital.

My community on the South Coast has changed dramatically since the doors were opened to Europe. Community shops that have been about since I was a child have long since gone, cultures have changed and the community spirit has suffered.

I sit here today thinking about how my country has changed over the last 20 years.
Allot has changed for the good.
Immigration isn't a bad thing.
People of different communities joining ours is a good thing.
Having trade deals with the World isn't a bad thing.

But the legacy that Labour left us with should not be forgotten so soon.

I find it infuriating how they try to manipulate the electorate with dishonest articles such as these.

Dishonest in how they sumarise UKIP in a manner that doesn't truly or honestly reflect them.

Dishonest in how they try to make people forget their own legacy, elements they are yet to own up to and how they will solve problems that just would not exist without their impact during their last term in Downing Street.

I am not asking you to vote UKIP.
I am not saying you should vote Tory or Lib Dem.

But what I am saying is before you hang your flag of allegiance to the Labour Party. At least have all the facts at hand. Read all the manifesto's released by the parties and do NOT forget the legacy that Labour have left this country.

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