Sunday, 17 August 2014

Latest 'Stand Up To UKIP' Leaflet Encouraging Public Disorder Against UKIP

Trying to repress a political parties democratic right to stand is anti-democratic whether you like them or not. By doing such 'Stand Up To UKIP' should declare itself an anti-Democratic organisation.

Why can't groups and organisations of this sort let people decide for themselves. If they don't want want to vote for UKIP they can decide for themselves without being strong-armed by a organisation that claims to be anti-Fascist, yet exhibits fascist traits.

'Stand Up To UKIP' claim UKIP are "racist". Yet the definition of racist is: "a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another."
I have never seen content or information that defines UKIP in such a way. I have never seen anything from UKIP disclosing a ) Britain is a race (granted it's my belief that their is a strong British race and culture that exists and my saying so is not racist) b ) Britain is superior to others c ) a particular race as a whole should be prevented from entering the UK.

In fact much the opposite. UKIP believe anyone from any Nation, believing in any religion coming from any ethnic background should be allowed to enter the country if they have the right skills to offer.
UKIP are strong supporters of a reconnection with the Commonwealth, an entity that was cast adrift by New Labour under Gordon Brown when he signed the Lisbon Treaty.

The Commonwealth were always the first people to come to the UK's aid at times of need. See World War 2 history. Yet we cast them adrift so casually, it is something I as a British person have been ashamed of ever since Mr Brown did it.
Let's not forget that the Commonwealth encapsulates a third of the Worlds population. The majority of which is black or Asian and doesn't hold English as their first language.

It's a question of numbers not race. It never has been a question of race.
If UKIP are "racist" as the 'Stand Up to UKIP' organisation claim to be, then maybe one of the organisations members or the organisation hierarchy itself could highlight a racist UKIP policy?
You will have trouble though. They don't have any?!

UKIP have no such policy to introduce a flat rate tax as 'Stand Up To UKIP' have claimed. So that is a lie.
I fear that they are reading from the same dishonest hymn-sheet that the Labour Party do. Singing off the same utter nonsense that they do about past policies from a utterly abandoned 2010 manifesto written under a different party leader to that of Nigel Farage, policies that have never been mentioned by UKIP or points discussed by UKIP members that have never and would never be brought into action as a formal policy in its manifesto.

UKIP members have talked about a flat rate tax which absorbed all different taxes into a flat rate tax but this has not been confirmed as policy and would be cheaper than the current rate of tax.

UKIP have also announced that they would have no income tax for those on the minimum wage. However this organisation hasn't mentioned that? I wonder why?!

UKIP have consistently said that they neither want to privatise the NHS or charge patients. So this again is a lie. This lie which has been discussed by the Labour Party as a current UKIP policy as recently as last week in a Labour List article written by Polly Billington (article written about such by myself on my blog a couple of days ago) has been rubbished even on UKIP's website due to the volume at which it was being told. It has also been labeled as a "current UKIP policy" by Labour Party Councilors, MP's and activists in public and in formal meetings with organisations such as Unison in a blatant attempt to mislead the electorate.

UKIP are a Libertarian Party. In other words they encourage people to discuss, debate and put forward ideas. They have a strong policy of Direct Democracy leading to Referendums about Regional and International issues. With such open debate you are bound to get a wide range of opinions and stances about a whole manner of things. An idea or statement does not make Party Policy. (ie: Paul Nuttall on the NHS)

The leaflet then goes on to say that UKIP has made "poisonous lies about Immigrants and Muslims". What lies does the leaflet refer to?
This accusation has been made without any context, substance of evidence? It has just left people to assume it is true.

The leaflet further rants; "In the run up to the European elections UKIP's mask slipped". - How? The 'Stand Up To UKIP' leaflet makes a statement as fact and has again not actually provided any evidence.
We all know a limited number of UKIP members have made questionable comments, however it is the action taken that makes the difference.
UKIP have a Zero Tolerance attitude towards bigoted comments and have taken action against such people.
Meanwhile a signatory of the 'Stand Up To UKIP' organisation has made bigoted comments and no action has ever been taken other than a flat apology being forced from her by her Party leader.

I of course refer to Diane Abbott, who has made her dislike for UKIP abundantly clear on a multitude of occasions.

Diane Abbott further racism

In fact multiple representatives of other parties have not had action taken against them by their respective parties for making highly disgusting comments.

According to 'Stand Up To UKIP', UKIP are also a party of "bigots, sexists Islamophobes and homophobes". - Really? Well as I have said above people who have made such comments have been kicked out.
But if we are being honest, that isn't what it's about is it regards the attitude from the people who operate 'Stand Up To UKIP'?

When you read the retweets done by the 'Stand Up To UKIP' twitter page, and the links to articles posted on their Facebook pages, you come to understand the deeper reason for this organisation and its actions.

There is a MASSIVE level of support for the Labour Party even going as far as to retweet secondary articles made by The Labour List. This  shows that along with the likes of the Conservative Party who dredged up information on any UKIP member or supporter it could lay its hands on and pass it to the media and other parties, they are attempting to damage UKIP in any way they can with a ridiculous level of resources combined.
Remember this being done whilst no similar respective spotlight is shone at any of the other parties. Not to mention other supposed anti Fascist groups like 'Hope Not Hate' and the 'UAF' who are VERY selective with who they attack. Basically UKIP and UKIP only, after all their aren't any sexists, homophobes or racists at any of the other parties.

A concerted united attack is being placed on UKIP due to a politically elite agenda that much we can all be certain of.

UKIP are the only party who reject former Far Right members from joining whilst the Labour Party have accepted known BNP members and a Nazi with open arms. Many members and supporters have also expressed what I myself consider to be a terrifying anti-Semitic agenda towards Israelis and Jews in general going as far as to make highly offensive and racist comments on Social Networking sites, to be involved in race-hate rallies and of course as we have seen over the last 5 weeks, 5 separate Labour Party councils raising the Palestinian flag in support of Palestine. A nation that elected a "terrorist organisation", as defined by Ed Miliband who want to "wipe all Jews out of the middle-east" or words to that effect.
This is logical proof that if any party has more questionable elements it is Labour, and if any party out there is consistently expressing racist views and accepting racist members, it is the Labour Party.

This entire leaflet is both disingenuous and quite frankly pathetic.

It is my humble opinion that 'Stand Up To UKIP' and its members negative rhetoric towards UKIP and UKIP members who are decent hard working normal people is as inflammatory as the rhetoric put out by the Nazi Party in the 1930's.
If someone has a UKIP badge on their blazer then they must be "racist, homophobic, sexist and or Islamophobic" is this organisation and other so called (left wing) anti-Fascist organisations attitude.

It couldn't be because people agree with UKIP's policies which are none of the above (ie: "racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc...")

It can't be because people are concerned about the impact of mass uncontrolled immigration that we have experience especially in the south-East since Gordon Brown (Labour) signed the Lisbon Treaty.

It can't be because people are concerned about the growing reliance of food banks.

It can't be because of the housing shortage which whether you like to admit it or not is not helped by a growing population (immigration).

It can't be because people are struggling to find hospital places, educational places or other services. 

It can't be because people are upset about not finding work having been undercut by laborers from the continent.

It can't be about the ever increasing energy costs.

It can't be because they actually like UKIP's tax policies that will help the young and get people back into work with common-sense incentives.

It can't be because they have had their jobs impacted on by our EU membership such as the fishing industries.

It can't be because they have had their jobs taken away from them by the political elite having been working in industry that has been around for hundreds of years (ship building): Portsmouth etc... and don't believe any political change by the recognised parties will make any difference to them.

It can't be because they are fed up of the red tape and legislation they trip up on by being in the Union.

It must be because they are bigoted.

I would suggest the people who form such organisations to repress democracy are the groups who are bigoted and fascist.

As has already been highlighted and proven. UKIP have members from all ethnic backgrounds, multiple nationalities, equal measure of males and females (compared to the other parties which don't), people from various religions and have members who are gay.

All this pathetic campaign proves is that certain organisations with political agendas are desperate for UKIP not to be taken seriously.
All this support for parties like Labour by retweeting their misguided articles proves is that these fake anti fascist organisations are supporting the political elite.

'Stand Up To UKIP' raise the matter of the French National Front.
Why?! UKIP have nothing to do with them, have no links and no similarities. This is why we wanted to have nothing to do with that racist mob!

All the organisation has done has done by name-dropping this group randomly into the leaflet is try to make UKIP guilty by association of being on the same piece of paper as this daft Party in France.

As for UKIP getting a high portion of media coverage. For the record as they were the only party that represented the "Out" vote for the EU, and it was a European Election I would say it was pretty fair that they be given a reasonable amount of coverage.
Point me out another anti-EU party of the left wing variety with the kind of infrastructure and popularity UKIP has and I will willingly concede a bias media coverage to UKIP.

UKIP also at the time had a high number of MEPs and polls showed the party would gain a high number of MEPs in the elections.

Before I sign off I just felt like I should highlight another aspect of complete stupidity from this (above)  leaflet.
In the first paragraph it reads "UKIP is a right wing, racist, populist party"...
In the final 3 lines of the "Bigots" section it reads "The lesson of history is that we need unity against the far right and racism"...

So which is it? "Right Wing" or "Far Right"? Even the people who wrote this stupid brochure don't seem to be able to make up their minds!

If the people who wrote this nonsense actually put as much time into their own parties. They might actually do some constructive good for this country!
However they continue to plod on with the baseless accusations, misleading rhetoric and encouraging violence.

How many attacks have their been by UKIP members or supporters on foreign Nationals?
Answer: None.

How many attacks have their been by supposed anti-Fascists on UKIP members, supporters and general members of the public who just so happened to get in the way at the wrong time?
Answer: Loads.

You are being spoken to by one of them.
A disabled UKIP member who was prevented physically my freedom of speech and to assemble at two separate UKIP meetings by 'UAF', 'Hope Not Hate' and 'SWP' activists.

If you back this campaign you are every bit as "fascist" as you claim UKIP to be.

I don't expect this message to be up for long or my posting privileges to extend much longer to the Swansea Stand Up To UKIP statement which is where I am posting this comment.
After all I was blocked from the main Facebook group for posting something similar some time back. (freedom of speech and the right to reply is something false anti-Fascists don't like you see).

But don't worry. I am posting this on my blog as well. Which will be forwarded in tweet format to other 'supposed anti-fascist' groups and UKIP pages.



  1. Thanks, your blog is 100% right. The real Nazis & Fascists are these groups.

    1. The evidence of which UKIP have plenty and supposed "anti-Fascists" present little or none of does seem to indicate that yes.