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Vile Liberal Democrat Video & Other Lib Dems Behaviour

Let's address all of these individuals person by person shall we and for the moment completely ignore just how dirty a tactic this is and how pathetic the Liberal Democrats have shown themselves to be publishing this video...

1- William Henwood - UKIP candidate in Enfield - "[Lenny Henry] should emigrate to a black country. He does not have to live with whites".

What is Henwood's current status? - He stood down as a UKIP candidate before UKIP had a chance to start a investigation. Had he not he would have likely been removed from the party as have been seen of others who have made objectionable comments.

2- Godfrey Bloom - UKIP MEP for Yorkshire - Feminists are "shrill, bored, middle-class women of a certain physical genre".

What is Bloom's current status? - Had his party wip taken away from him and currently stands as an Independent.

3- Eric Kitson - UKIP councillor in Sourport - Muslim women: "hang um all first ask questions later".

What is Kitson's current status? - Was forced to stand down from his council job by UKIP after his comments.

4- Julia Gasper - UKIP chair in Oxford - "We have a special day to celebrate AIDS and congratulate the people... spreading this disease worldwide."

What is Gasper's current status? - Was forced to give up his party chair in Oxford by UKIP.

5- Andre Lampitt - UKIP poster boy - "Muslims are animals. Their faith is disgusting. Their prophet is a paedophile".

6- Anna-Marie Crampton - UKIP candidate in East Sussex - "WW2 was engineered by the Zionist Jews".

Middle section- Showing comments and phrases/words used by about 10 UKIP members trying to pass the party off as being racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and sexist.

But shall we all remember one thing please.

The above names are from 2 years of UKIP history. If you looked at a 'whole' parties members you would find all kinds of disgusting behaviour.

It is the action taken by said party that makes all the difference. The fact is the trouble-makers were dealt with accordingly.

7- This Liberal Democrat video was posted dated May 14, 2014:

It quite clearly is dated May 14, 2014 and has Demetri Marchessini listed as a "Major UKIP donor" when in reality...

...he hasn't even been attached to the party in a year after being told he wasn't wanted for his views...

But of course! The Liberal Democrats are known for there honesty aren't they?!

This video is a exert of a unnamed individual in the audience of BBC Question Time which took place in Southampton.
A man shouts down and verbally abuses UKIP leader Nigel Farage in a dramatic and pre-rehearsed manner.

Fair enough you might think? Doesn't like UKIP policies, not that he constructively attacks any of them I might add...

But who is this every day Joe member of the audience?

Meet Charlie Bloom, Liberal Democrat Member, activist, donation seeker and volunteer seeker... Who also happens to be the ex-husband of a current Eastleigh Liberal Democrat county Councillor, who also happens to be in a relationship with the lead Lib Dem Councillor in Eastleigh.

Oh and did I mention that he has 2 daughters who are both former county Councillors for the region?

...oh! and did I also forget to mention that a close family friend is current Eastleigh MP for the Liberal Democrats Mike Thornton...

...honest trust-worthy bunch these Lib Dems...

But hey... UKIP are singularly the only party that has the odd questionable character...

Or do they?

1- Meet Liberal Democrat Councillor for Sutton, Worcester Park Stephen Fenwick who pleaded guilting to Racially Aggravated Assault. - 11th March 2014

2- Meet Liberal Democrat for Redcare and Cleveland Council candidate Dave Stones who refused to apologise for making the following Racist and Islamophobic statement:Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

3- Meet Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Comer Eastville 

seat on Bristol City Council. Who made racist comments 

against his Labour Party Rival Mhairi Threlfall saying he was 

"Labour's candidate from Scotland" while referring 

to himself as the "local campaigner". April 30 

4- Meet Liberal Democrat Yeovil Councillor Peter Brock who 

stole £1,231 from a Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal. - 

5- Portsmouth Lib Dem Eleanor Scott felt she had no other 

choice but to step down as her role of Councillor after 

the Liberal Democrats failed to take action against MP Mike 

Hancock after complaints were made about his behaviour. 

6- Meet Liberal Democrat Magistrate and Councillor Ajit 

Atwal who thought it would be wise to have himself pictured 

holding a AK-47 assault rifle and then post it on Twitter. 26 

7- Meet Liberal Democrat candidate for Mole Valley District 

Council Mark Regan. Who is had to apologise for making 

"tweets of a sexual nature on Twitter".

Some quotes from his steamy account of things on Twitter 

include:“nice lol love to lick and kiss feet” & “Hi there you filthy folks who is feeling naughty?”. 11 May 2014

I have literally lost count of the numbers of times I have had to say this, possibly because UKIP seem to be the main focus of media and other party attention at the moment but...

ALL parties have questionable characters. It's how that party resolves such problems that matters. As I have proven to you above UKIP take action against there members.

Why don't people Google racist, homophobic and sexist events at other parties and see what action those parties took against those members because I know for a fact that most of the ones I talk about remain at their respective parties.

Once again I find myself having to post this picture:

It's obvious for all to see that people are worried about UKIP which is why all of these negative stories are out right now.

Please please please get into contact with a local UKIP representative or even me on Twitter (@ThomasEvansUKIP) if you have any concerns about UKIP or are thinking about UKIP and need questions answered.

Be safe...
Don't forget to vote in the European and County Council Elections!

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