Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Own Experience With Some UAF Activists

I just had a really eye-opening experience on the train popping into Brighton (Hove) to do a spot of shopping.

As I borded the train it became obvious that a group of four giggly girls were comparing stories about how they had really "stuck it to racist, fascist evil UKIP" the other day (referring to the UKIP Public Meeting in Brighton/Hove)...

I resisted the temptation to speak out to their comments as didn't want a row breaking out; but then one of the girls remarked that "anyone who votes or supporters UKIP is a vile racist who had no place in civilized society".

Suffice to say this made me snap...
I rose above the headrest behind 2 of them and asked "I am a UKIP supporter, I am most definitely NOT racist and I was deeply offended by the declaration one of them had made in particular and that the attitude of all of them was undemocratic, vile, dishonest and that they should not be elevating their voices in such an offensive manner"...

To my utter astonishment another lady, this one older (50's) perked up with the remark that "UKIP were racist as they were against 'people of colour'" to which I pointed out that UKIP were the only party out of the five (including the Green's) that supported the re-connection with the Commonwealth that Labour had signed away when putting pen-to-paper on the Lisbon Treaty, this meaning immigration from not only the 27 Eurozones, but the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, specifically the Commonwealth (which is personally one of the reasons I favour UKIP) would become more likely under UKIP. "The Commonwealth are predominantly Black and Asian countries, so how can anyone even consider UKIP as racist?" I remarked, I also went on to say that The Labour Party had former BNP members, yet UKIP ban further far-right members, and although you might hear about the UKIP members who were 'bad-eggs', they are no-longer attached to UKIP because of their behaviour.

I remarked that I had never heard of the UAF or Hope Not Hate campaigning against the Labour Party for willfully accepting former Far Right members in favour of paying for foreign born people of other ethnic backgrounds to leave the country should they come to power. (yes that is a fact look it up on the BNP policies section of it's website)

I also pointed out that UKIP had a thriving ethnic base growing faster than that of any other party and that I found it disgusting how Black and Asian UKIP members had recently been verbally attacked by these so-called anti-fascists, with remarks such as "Oreo" and "Coconuts" being considered acceptable to be said.

Suffice to say the carriage descended into complete silence following this, and upon leaving the carriage getting off the train I felt a level of uncertainty as to whether my comments had been well or poorly received or whether I would be having a drink bouncing off the back of my head as I left the carriage.

However as I stepped off the train a reassuring smile and wink was received by myself by a 40-something lady sitting near the door.

My honest opinion is the UAF and Hope Not Hate are made up of a small portion of well meaning but mislead people who believe the media rhetoric, the rest of the party are made up of giggly "individuals" such as the above example that stroke their own egos attacking people who cannot defend themselves and individuals representing the Left on the political scale, who want to damage UKIPs reputation because they cannot answer their policies.

You may ask me what I mean by "UKIP members cannot defend themselves", what I mean is, UKIP members cannot answer back to this aggressive posturing or risk being labeled aggressive and Far Right by the National Media.
You will never see a supposed 'Anti-Fascist' abusing a pensioner in the media because this would support UKIP regardless of us all knowing it happens. However if a UKIPer shouted back at a 16-17 year old holding up a "UKIP is Fascist" placard, you can be well sure it will make the media headlines. 

So all I will say in conclusion is this;
Try to educate people but expect to be abused in the 'line-of-duty', as the media and the other parties have made this socially acceptable.

For me it is unforgivable, but there is nothing we can do about it for now...

Above all, be safe, and don't forget...

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  1. Some people just can't think for themselves, so enjoy being part of a mob. They'll say and do anything in order to fit in - we've all seen it in the school playground. Unfortunately this just means elections today are fought using playground tactics.