Saturday, 12 April 2014

What Haven't UKIP Been Accused of Being Against?!

It's ironic. Most of those who preach against "intolerance" usually ignore the facts and highlight themselves as being enlightened, but this in my opinion is solely done to for-fill a political agenda.

Take UKIP for instance...

People claim they are Xenophobic saying "they are against immigration", yet they are against open-door uncontrolled immigration. Something 70% of the populas polled want reform in. Yet the anti-extremist groups like UAF and Hope Not Hate paint a false picture which makes people wary of voicing there support for UKIP.

People claim UKIP are Racist. Whilst UKIP have had some dishonest individuals make comments, those individuals have been speedily expelled. UKIP continue to be the only party that oppose former Far Right members of Parties or groups joining. Unlike Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems who all have former members of the National Front, BNP or other Fascist parties now working for them. UKIP also has a diverse mixture of people from various religions and racial backgrounds at key positions throughout the party.

People claim UKIP are Sexist. Making light of comments Farage made regards a specific work place in a specific working sector in the capital. 

With the media who made hard work of cutting a few words out of a main quote to match the agenda they are working towards and it has been pushed ever since. Yet UKIP continue to have a large portion of female representation throughout the various levels of the party.

UKIP have been accused of being anti-Mothers, but even those claims don't hold up to scrutiny.
I myself questioned this comment the other day after a accusation was made with a "Women Against UKIP Twitter account". I asked the individual to explain her accusations following Nigel Farage's appearance on BBC Production 'Have I Got News For You'. The result? A accusation that I was "aggressive" and "sexist" and complete silence with no answer to the requested explanation to the accusation.

UKIP get accused of being Homophobic for being against "forced gay marriages", yet anyone with a really open mind can see where UKIP are coming from.
Not only is forcing religious institutions into carrying out Gay Marriages wrong, the threat that these religious institutions could be targeted for refusing to conduct gay marriages was laughed off 12 months ago and yet we have seen our first few examples of exactly this happening!
David Silvester made some very bad comments whilst a UKIP member which have been rehashed, republished and reiterated as often as possible to label UKIP. But very little does it get mentioned that he made these comments when a Tory, and guess what, it didn't make the papers back then and he wasn't sacked for his comments by the Conservatives, unlike UKIP who sacked him less than a week after he made said comments.

UKIP get accused of being against Animal Rights to such a extent that Nigel Farage has been physically assaulted by one of these protesters (see picture), granted the protester in question was charged with assault and fined, short of a custard pie in the face, I don't think we have ever seen this kind of behavior toward a politician laughed off in the media in the way this assault was. 
Farage has been photographed drinking a pint during a Hunt Meeting next to a horse. That is his right. 
But yet again the thing ALL OTHER political parties forget to mention is that UKIP are the only party which has a policy calling for a ban on live animal exports.

Also have we forgotten who else has been pictured at Fox Hunts? Still waiting to see the Animal Rights protesters waiting for Mr Cameron at his Public Meetings, if he ever has them which i doubt!

Not to mention the man who is in favour of animals being killed in a inhumane manner?

UKIP get accused of being anti-religious. Yet again I find myself scratching my head and asking why. No religious institutions have accused UKIP. As I have already said UKIP host a wide variety of peop
le with different religious beliefs.

UKIP get accused of being anti-Working Class. This for me is the ultimate head-scratcher.
UKIP want to limit immigration which is putting a strain on the unskilled labour market. Yet they are somehow "anti-working class". Give me strength!

UKIP get accused of being anti-NHS. Again... How? UKIP want to reduce the load on the NHS which is totally unacceptable at this point. They want to make sure more people come here with specialist qualifications to work in Hospitals and clinics. They haven't announced any plans to privatise the NHS contrary to "popular belief" and they want to make sure the Service is properly balanced, financed and staffed.

As I said at the beginning. UKIP get accused of being anti-everything. But this attitude is always done to satisfy a politically bias agenda. That much is certain when you wipe away the dust of deception and read the facts as they are.

The question is will people wipe away this deception or continue to listen to the lies.

Read for yourself. Then make the decision for yourself.

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  1. I would say these are the things that the general public are looking for in this country.not the lies that the other 3 partys are feeding them.i want to see that my grandchildren have a better life and have jobs to go too. we don't have to be anti Europe.just them telling us what we can and what we cant do.we lost a lot of people in two world wars fighting for this country. and not to hand it over too a lot of people who we don't even know this is Britain lets put the great back.x