Friday, 4 April 2014

The Rights of Religious Institutions To Choose Being Very Selective In Some Politicians Eyes

There is a debate at the current time about the rights of Gays to Marry in the UK.

Whilst most are for Gay Marriages which is of course a good thing. Many recognise that with new regulations some Religions who might be against Gay Marriages (not homophobic) could be legally forced to conduct these marriages in their churches against their wishes.
They also face legal action if they refuse to conduct these marriages.

This in my opinion is disgraceful in a country that boasts people having the right to choose.

Recently the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg gave Halal and Kosher meat his thumbs up based on it's Religious historical and belief based background.
This practice of procuring meat in my opinion is a inhumane and barbaric act. Allowing a animal to bleed to death whilst fully conscious and in pain, frightened makes me furious. Many have argued that animals are stunned before the act of severing a artery is carried out to which the animal is allowed to bleed to death slowly. But in reality it is widely recognised that many ignore using this method and animal suffering does occur.

How can any level of slow suffering of animals be acceptable?

However Clegg has gone on to ignore religious institutions right to choose themselves when it comes to conducting Gay Marriages.

This for me is a totally ridiculous decision to make. Totally inexcusable.

I am very much in favour of Gay Marriages and Gay Adoptions. As long as the Religious Institution agrees to do so!

The Church of England, Christianity and Catholicism have been put under heavy pressure from the media, political establishment and public to conduct these marriages against there beliefs. Further to this we have already had murmurings of first legal cases against Churches who refuse to participate in Gay Marriages.

We also have a complete black-hole when it comes to addressing Gay Rights within Islam in our country with the vast majority of Gay Muslims being ostracized by their communities or even being physically or verbally abused by their fellow Muslims.
However within the Gay Marriage debate, the subject of Islam has never been brought up.

So I at this time have to ask. Is Clegg favoring Islam in terms of Halal meat and not addressing Gay Rights within their community but forcing other religious institutions to go against their beliefs?

I know this is a taboo subject. But it has to be asked and brought to attention.

Their are so many things wrong in our country at present. These all seem to stem back in one way shape or form to our Political base be it Conservative, Liberal Democrats or Labour Party, the decision-makers within the EU and the European Court of Human Rights which seems to pick and choose what it wants to reinforce depending on it's own specific agendas of the time.

But the above shows the level of hypocrisy inflicting the UK at present and is one of a number of reasons I shall be voting UKIP at the European Elections (2014) and the General Election (2015).

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