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Response to Vile UKIP Directed Poster Vandalism Across the UK (the Facts)

I have held off from delving head-long into an article about the UKIP posters until I knew how they would be received.
I was intending on leaving it a couple of weeks after the release of the £1.5 million campaign so I really could comment on each of the areas around the country. How it would impact on polling. If maybe one or two of them would be targeted for demonstration. But after the last few days on Twitter with people proudly showing off criminal damage against the posters I got the itch to type an article.

Unfortunately I cannot address specific comments I have read online, although I really would like to address one or two people's utter ignorance and stupidity (including one very notable one who wrote and directed a very prominent television comedy), however due to people not giving me permission to reflect the comments and the inability those people would have to respond to my take on the comments, I am unable to post them.

What I will say though is it's worth going on Twitter and looking through the comments and photographs some people have proudly taken and posted.

Let's just make one thing clear though. There have been a substantial number of people laughing up criminal damage, encouraging further acts of criminal damage and condoning criminal damage in a effort to 'big up' their social reputation and "look cool".

For me it reminds me of a high-school bully punching a far smaller and younger individual in a playground in a attempt to impress fellow students. It's not clever, it's not intelligent and it should never EVER be applauded. Especially under the false vale of "anti Fascism" and "being against racism".

It makes me furious to see organisations jump on the band-wagon of "anti-racism" when there is no example of racism in conjunction with any formal UKIP activity.

UKIP get accused of "scaremongering", "coming up with false figures and facts" and "encouraging hatred towards others". For me this is a lie at best.
For me the "scaremongering", "coming up with false figures and facts" and "encouraging hatred towards others" has been more prominent in the National media and these false anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations.

Highlighting individuals at UKIP by name, and giving people false verbal ammunition to fire at them.
I myself have seen several notable UKIP related friends of mine forced off Twitter in the last 3 days with foul abuse, accusations and badgering.

I have seen examples of abuse towards disabled UKIP members, sexist abuse and racist abuse towards UKIP members. Not once have I seen this reported in the National Press.

Back on subject. The posters.
I thought best to briefly give my opinion on the posters individually and point out how I see them citing facts as and where they might help people...

Poster one (pointing finger poster)

"26 million people in Europe are looking for work".

Well the figures given show that over 26 million people in the European Union are out of work:
So not sure how anyone can argue that fact.

"And whose jobs are they after?" 

(One Society Democracy Europe: Source)

Youth Unemployment across the European Union is running at around 30%-50% depending on which Nation you are looking at:

(Reference cited at bottom of Graph)

Whilst the same sort of figures resonate across the European Union in terms of generalised unemployment and inactivity.

Immigration over the last 10 years has been around 3.7 million although many estimate it to be closer to 5.5 million: Immigration runs at between 300,000-500,000 a year to the United Kingdom. There are 850,000 Polish people living in the UK alone. Which is a figure the 'in power' party at the time 'The Labour Party' underestimated badly to be in the tens of thousands. Now I am not attacking Poles in the UK. I have friends in the United Kingdom who are Polish. They are exceptionally hard workers and lovely people. Their are members of UKIP who are Polish (, however the numbers I am stating are a numerical fact.

With these high numbers of migrants coming to the UK you have to ask the question what are they coming for? Well they aren't coming here on holiday. Most will be coming here to work which is their right!

On the subject of this poster i leave you with a thought or two...
The population of the United Kingdom in 2001 was 58.7 million (2001 UK census, in 2011 it was 63.2 million (2011 UK census, in the year 2020 the population is estimated to be 67.2 million, 2027 70 million and 2035 73.2 million. ( That is a population increase of 14.5 million over 34 years.

 (Daily Mail: Source)

 (UKIP Poster One vandalized in Chatham, Gateshead & Liverpool)

 Poster two (EU flag burning through British flag)

"Who really runs this country? - 75% of our laws are now made in Brussels". 

Giving my opinion in this instance is pretty pointless when you can hear the facts from the horses mouth:

(Global News- Viviane Reding: Source)

Or watch Nigel Farage use House of Commons Library data to verify this fact:
(BBC EU Debate segment: Source)

EU legislation strangles business opportunities in this country:

Fantastic business law and legislation video (pro's/Con's):
(Youtube/ Twitter Aleksandra Sceglova Blogger: Source)

EU Business Burdens on United Kingdon Business:

(UKIP Business Conference Meeting)

(UKIP Poster Two vandalized in Vauxhall (London) & Newcastle)

Poster three (EU policy at work - UK workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour").

Well the first part I have answered above. 
Are high numbers coming? Yes of course they are nobody can deny that looking at figures provided or even looking at the population increase up until 2012 in the Census.

As for the second part of the poster. Are people being hit by cheap labour?
Yes of course they are. Youth unemployment at 35% 
Even Labour (the party that signed us up to the Lisbon Treaty and open-borders) are saying their needs to be a crackdown on companies exploiting cheap labour: 
If you try to look up information on Wage Compression and migrants having a negative impact on others in the UK it just doesn't exist unless you look up personal blogs or videos.

The only hint of information about this is expressed during positive if not deceptive news segments:

(Channel Four News segment: Source)

(BBC News segment: Bulgarians & Romanians attracted by UK Minimum Wage: Source)

Let's not forget that there is a inherent negative impact on low paid migrants who come to the UK to. Some can't find work and live in poverty. Another negative of having uncontrolled mass immigration. Yes folks! It impacts immigrants negatively too!
(BBC Panorama: Source)

People notice these things too. Very rarely do they get the opportunity to air opinions on mainstream TV:
(BBC Question Time: Source)

...and often they get boo'd/jeered or clapped off when they tell there sad story...
(BBC Question Time: Source)

The British Government don't even disclose figures on estimated migrants when countries are given the right to have citizens move to the United Kingdom, granted the BBC just laugh it off:
(BBC News Report: Source)

Yet wage compression still exists even with big business through foreign labour whether people want to admit it or not:
(Sky News segment: Source)

But eventually the stories come out...
(BBC Newsnight segment: Source)

UKIP talk about it. Ask any young person in the south east or areas impacted by migration what their job prospects are... What sort of longterm work they can get.
(EU Parliament - Gerard Batten-UKIP: Source)

I live in the south coast and not a day goes by where i don't hear a friend or someone in public bemoaning how they cannot find work.

As has been heavily focused on by the National media, with well known news organisations and reporters attempting to brand UKIP posters racist:
(Sky News segment - Reporter attempts hatchet-job interview: Source)

During this political climate with important elections coming. Political parties also introduce former members in an attempt to catch media attention.
Even going as far as to make ridiculous assumptions and comparisons:

(BBC News segment - Former Labout MP: Source)

As if most people didn't know already, i
t's not a race issue, for the record none of UKIPs posters make reference to race, so how anyone can blight them with the racist tag is beyond me, it's a numbers issue.

'X' numbers of job can only provide for 'X' numbers of the public. It's simple maths!

We already have a housing shortage, hospital shortage, education shortage, transportation overload, jobs shortage (35% youth unemployment level and climbing), public service shortage and a mounting debt of 1.27 trillion.
How can we continue like this?!

The simple answer is we cannot. Something needs to change.

Poster four ("Your Daily Grind... ...funds his celebrity lifestyle." "The UK pays £55 million a day to the EU and its Eurocrats.")

The European Parliament MEP wage is around 8,000 Euros a month, that is around £5,000. That makes £60,000 a year. Expenses are reported to be pushing £100,000 a year:

This is how seriously those at the European Parliament take their work:
(HTL: Source)

In fact expenses have become so hideously corrupted it has become a laughing matter during meetings:

(Labour party MEP on expenses 'Youtube': Source)

Now before you feel the need to point out Farage and other UKIP MEP's will get this wage and expenses. Remember three things.

1-UKIP have 12 MEPs in the EU Parliament out of 766 EU Politicians.
2-If Nigel Farage and UKIP have their way. The EU Parliament will cease to exist. Or at the very least the UK will not have any representation in a Government that restricts them from doing trade with the rest of the world!
3-Unlike other MEPs (no doubt), money's collected by Nigel Farage from the EU gets rediverted back into the party to help further their progress.

So they are NOT in it for the money.

Regardless of whether the BBC and other news organisations intentionally mix up 'Allowances' and 'Expenses' to try to make an anti-UKIP (non-)story:
(BBC News segment: Source)
As for the UK paying the EU £55 million a day: This website shows that we pay the EU in initial fee's £13.9 billion a year in membership fee's. That means we are paying just under £54 million a day. From that fee over the year we get £6.4 billion back.

Just to clarify. It's like you putting £1000 into a bank, and then when you go to get your money back out, you only have £400 left.

Even Nick Clegg admits it's around £55 million a day and the money back is vastly less:

This fee also doesn't take into account numerous multi million/billion pound fines that the EU subjects to UK to yearly for breaking it's self appointed quotas...

A few examples as follows:

In light of recent stories in the media about UKIP I felt it might be worth mentioning a few simple truths about politics:

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