Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Natalie Bennett (Green Party of England and Wales) Rant Against UKIP Posters (Response)

Put simply Natalie Bennett is twisting what UKIP have said.

Let's get a few facts straight shall we?

UKIP have said that 26 million unemployed people could come to the UK for jobs. Is this true? Yes. In fact somewhere in the region of 300,000-500,000 a year are coming here.10 times more Eastern Europeans come to UK as Brits move to Eastern Europe (2011 Census & Institute for Public Policy Research 2006) so any line that's put out about British citizens moving to Europe is overplayed and portrayed very disingenuously with a lack of numbers to quantify the line.

The Green Party encourage a policy of Open-Door immigration. Yet want to protect the green belt. Where do they think the new houses will be built to house the growing population?
The cheapest place to build new properties is the Green Belt. The Green Party will never get into power. So by backing open-door immigration the Green Party are knowingly supporting the destruction of the environment that they profess to want to protect.

Bennett and the Green's talk about having a campaign backing the "common good". They back the prospect of staying in the EU which means cutting off our connections with the British Commonwealth. That is a third of the Worlds population. Nations that support the Fair Trade system.

Bennett talks about how the poster campaign will "inflame drunk men in pubs" basically hostility toward immigrants. Not once does she mention that UKIP's immigration policy doesn't want to end immigration. Just merely cut it back to a sustainable level. 40,000-50,000 as opposed to the aforementioned quarter to half million number it is at now.

She omits to mention the links between her own party and 'Hope Not Hate' and 'UAF', groups that frequently incite both verbal and physical violence when they 'protest' at peaceful UKIP meetings.

She omits to mention that the Labour Party, another party the Green's have had links with in the past have tried from the very beginning (since they signed the Lisbon Treaty) to shut down any talk about immigration as "racist", "xenophobic" or "fascist".

She forgets to mention that UKIP have backing from immigrant populations in this country who find it impossible to find employment due to the large population to jobs available ratio. Not to mention support from immigrants who can only work for beneath the minimum wage.

She goes on to hint at a race issue, again omitting to mention that UKIP have members, supporters and voters from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.

The Green Party of England and Wales has a membership of 16,000 as of April 2014, whilst UKIP have a active membership of 36,000 since April 2014.

They have active financial backers due to addressing real concerns that other parties are not willing to address.

Whilst bitter left wing and right wing parties (Green's and BNP) attack UKIP from either side. UKIP continue to speak for the working class who feel as if they have been abandoned by the mainstream political class.


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