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"Don't Be Used By UKIP" (Leaflet) Response To A Utterly Dreadful Leaflet Doing The Rounds!

First before I reply to this leaflet would like to point out it was rumoured to have been done by members of the Labour Party so right there you have a political agenda for it's production...

As for the points it raises (please check between the numbered points raised with my numbered answers!):

1- If people would actually read UKIPs 2014 manifesto you would see that low paid or unemployed people would have VASTLY lower tax. So this point is wrong to start.

Council Tax would be LOWER! (UKIP 2014 Manifesto)
Energy prices would be LOWER! (UKIP 2014 Manifesto)

2- This point is raised in relation to a trust fund that he never used. It was opened for him at a time when perception of such finds were different. He never used it and closed it as he didn't feel comfortable with it.

Listen to his words himself here...

3- Again this is a pretty dishonest point to. 
UKIP have blamed the financial crises on multiple elements. They have blamed the banking crises caused by several political parties and large businesses. They have blamed it on EU legislation and tax hikes and charges by the EU which have seen for example companies like Imperial Tobacco depart Nottingham recently and Ford transferring their Factory to Turkey a few of many companies to either close their doors completely or relocate abroad!

Whilst their is no doubt that 'some' jobs have been created by EU grant money in the UK. Vastly more have been lost as a result of the EU.

9,000 in fishing industries being a good example.

Money has also been taken out of the UK by the current British Government with UK based ship building in Portsmouth and the Clyde ending. Ship building for the Royal Navy in some instances have been transferred to South Korea to save money. Granted this ultimately has a negative impact on the UK economy in terms of reinvestment.

As for the impact of immigrants on this country. Even the Labour Party have admitted that they didn't anticipate the numerical volume of immigrants on the UK.

The bullet point makes light of Eastern Europe. But let's look at the figures shall we? In the 2011 Census it says that 175,000 Brits have left the UK for Eastern Europe. Whilst 2.1 million Eastern European immigrants have moved to the UK from Eastern Europe. 850,000 of those being from Poland alone. (these figures do not take into account anyone who game here in the last 3 years estimated to be in the region of 1.3 million)

When you think about it. Those numbers have to be employed somewhere.

4- Yes Farage was educated in a private school. But when he left school he didn't get a job at the bottom of the ladder in Parliament after studying political affairs. He went into the commodities trade for many years.

If you go through the UKIP hierarchy from the bottom up. When you look at Paul Nuttal (deputy leader of UKIP), Suzanne Evans, Janice Atkinson,  Amjad Bashir, Roger Helmer etc... You will see they come from a wide range of backgrounds, mostly working class.

As for the money Farage has claimed. This is the same amount of money every other MEP who goes to Europe claims. Yet Farage is the only one highlighted? (agenda?)

Let's not for one second forget that he doesn't live a luxurious lifestyle.
He drives himself from the UK to Brussels/Strasbourg when he attends EU Parliament via the Channel Tunnel as shown in the recent Channel Four documentary.

He has already said that the Allowances he was and is given get funneled back into the party. As a party leader he gets about allot. Again probably more than other party leaders. This doesn't come cheap.

5- Now who's scaremongering?
I am not doubting that UKIP doesn't have a few racists, homophobes or sexists as supporters or members. But having said that. ALL Parties do. Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems, I don't think anyone who will answer honestly will deny this fact.
Do UKIP take action when these individuals are outed.
Well yes they do history has proven that fact.

Do other parties take the same sort of action?

Do i need to remind people that UKIP are the only one of the "Big Four" parties who decline former Far Right members party membership?

All of the major parties have former BNP members standing for them as Councillors or sitting as Councillors or represent them as members... They have no policy rejecting former Far Right members.

You never hear about the big Parties sacking people until it hits the media. Whilst UKIP get highlighted in the press as sacking people without explanation. Ie: Losing numbers.

This shows that UKIP take the kind of action other parties do not to face extremism and fascist opinions.

To highlight UKIP as being a party full of bigots is nothing short of a lie!

6- "Education Policy"
This story is nothing other than a lie.
Do UKIP want to reopen Grammar School's... Yes... I don't think anyone could argue this as being a bad thing?

Do they want to give money to Private School's? Well no not according to their latest Manifesto?

They want to "Improve access to quality local education, create more grammar schools, technical skills colleges, encourage vocational apprenticeships, give parents the right to choose where their children go to school, protect rural
schools and support home schooling." - 'UKIP Manifesto 2014'

Can anyone see anything wrong with that?

Do UKIP want to build "seven aircraft carriers"? No... What utter luncacy!

Do they want to increase the defence budget. Yes. Considering the fact that Russian Ships and Aircraft have needed British armed response on several occasions over the last few months I think having a decent defence force is never a bad thing.

Armed forces also have the benefit of being able to dispense foreign or domestic aid. If you look over disasters domestically in terms of flooding and foreign disasters such as Earthquakes and Tsunami's, you will see how having a decent Army and Navy can become useful.

A defence force is exactly that. A deterrent!

You do have to love how the leaflet brought up the NHS in the final segment because it hadn't been brought up. But didn't really actually mention it!

It comes across as laughable and desperate tactics from somebody who just wants to smear UKIP in any way he/she possibly can!

7- Again this point is half truths and lies.
Are UKIP in favour of leaving the European Convention on Human Rights? ...Yes

Why? Because they think that those decisions should be made in the UK by the UK.

If someone who has terrorist routes and agendas who is not UK born is found guilty in this country we should have the right to deport him/her.
We shouldn't have to jump through hoops throwing away millions of tax payers money away in the process to get the appropriate action taken.

UKIP are in favour of writing up a Convention of Human Rights that are done by the people for the people.

UKIP aren't in favour of just tossing away people's rights and being done with it.

As for the final point of the leaflet that UKIP are against Gay Marriages.
They are not behind the principle of it. They aren't against Gays. They are against the law implications that forced gay marriages would have on our religious institutions.

Had the bill been put forward that Gay Marriages would be done on a strictly "accepted basis" by religious institutions voluntarily accepting to do the marriages. They would have been all for it.

What they do oppose however is religious institutions being forced to undertake Gay Marriages against their beliefs.

Before people smear at me for saying so this includes numerous churches and religions. Including Islam.

Before you pop off, please feel free to take a look at the excellent UKIP 2014 Manifesto

Not to mention the excellent Party Political Broadcast!

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