Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Response to some Liberal Democrat Literature posted through my door on 23/03/2014

Had a good old laugh at the literature through my door from the Lib Dems earlier.

Not only is UKIP mention (of course) in the negative light on every single section of it's 6 section leaflet. It also makes a rather startling and amusing error.

But hey let's pick it apart piece by piece shall we?

Section one titled "Don't let UKIP and the Conservatives risk 3 million British jobs..."

Apparently if we leave the EU 3 million people will be put out of work? ...and apparently it's a "grim fact" too.

Let's think about this claim for a second shall we?

Switzerland have recently distanced themselves from the EU and yet we haven't heard about any major business's or countries cutting trade with Switzerland...

This figure of 3 million jobs comes from a report in 2000 by the South Bank University in which it summarised as saying that up to 3.2 million UK jobs were reliant on trade with the EU.

The amusing thing is that another report published in 2000 by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research revealed that “there is no a prior reason to suppose that many of these jobs, if any, would be lost permanently if Britain were to leave the EU.”

In fact being freed from EU bureaucracy would allow us to make further trade deals with other nations, re-establish trade with the British Commonwealth, a brilliant gathering of Nations we betrayed when we signed the Lisbon Treaty. 3 million jobs at risk? Why would any jobs be at risk if we opened ourselves up to true free trade with a third of the planets population encompassed by the Commonwealth!

The EU Free Trade Agreement which is currently used by Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico and 20 other countries make this claim by the Liberal Democrats a lie. Plain and simple. But hey, tell the other 70 or so other nations currently making free trade agreements with the EU that the Lib Dems are right and that they can't make trade deals with the EU unless a member state?!

The simple fact is EU countries need us as much as we need them. This is another fact that the Lib Dems will never admit to. The Lib Dems do not believe this country has the ability and integrity to 'go it alone', after all, we are weak without being a member of the EU aren't we.
I put forward that we would be allot strong outside the EU without shoveling in £55 million a day as a membership fee to the laughably titled "free trade Union"...

Calling the 'EU a free trade market' is like calling a drug dealer a health care adviser. The simple fact is it is not a free trade market if you pay a membership fee. This is what astonishes me every time i see the reference!

Then in the 2nd section of the leaflet they go on to say the Lib Dem candidates are "leading the campaign to protect more than 400,000 South East jobs that depend on us being in Europe"...

So does that mean that there are 400,000 jobs in the South East and 2.6 million in the rest of the United Kingdom?

They reiterate that according to a YouGov/CBI poll "78% of British Businesses think leaving the EU would be bad for businesses and jobs"

That summary is so vague it's stupid? Bad for jobs how? Bad for business how? Like i have already said it doesn't seem to have harmed any of the other Nations doing trade with the EU?

"Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy"

"Being in Europe gives us more strength when negotiating trade deals with global players like the US, China, India and Brazil"

Are we not able to make trade deals with them without the EU?
We survived on trade in World War 2 with the Nazi's attacking our shipping and survived?

Are our negotiators not good enough to haggle our own trade deals?
Is it not better to do a trade deal person to person as apposed to through a mediator?

The whole picture the Lib Dems are painting is a false one and I am sick of being lied to!

Aren't you?

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  1. Great response LiB Dems are known liars and people just dont buy it anymore the fact the Elos Bus party beat them shows they are going into the dustbin